Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Amy and Matt's Wedding Quilt Update

I have been making steady progress on the blocks for the next wedding quilt.
This is the first block that I finished.  
I have to say I am loving the Pearl Bracelets as the background!

 Of course, Autumn was right there, laying on all the fabric to help me!  

See my super cool Sparty Tervis tumbler?  
I went to the SA last week with hubby and he found three of them there for .99 each!  
That is a scream of a deal!!! 
 They are wonderful.  
I can load it up with ice and there is absolutely zero condensation on the outside of the glass.  
Perfect for in my sewing room.

This is the second block I finished.
I loved the bunny fabric in the lower left and the text print.

I am always a little nervous when Autumn decides to do something like this but at least most of the rows were sewn together already!

So here is the back story on this block.  
Amy's mom, who was also a dear friend of mine, passed away this past October. 
 I thought it might be nice to include a piece of her clothing in this quilt 
so that every time Amy used it she would think of her mom too. 
 She dropped off a blue tee shirt of her mom's on Monday.  
I stabilized it with some interfacing and used it to make this block. 

I had chosen some fabrics that kind of represent my own family for this quilt too 
and included them in "Barb's" block.  
Mine has chemical symbols, as I am a scientist.  
My older daughter raises peafowl so her star had peacocks in it.  
My younger daughter, Amy's best friend, has a cat, Mitch, that she never stops talking about, 
so her block has Sebastian in it.  
Amy loves Mitch (not really, but Mitch LOVES Amy!!)
I'm pretty sure this will be my favorite block in the entire quilt!

I asked for some fabric from Amy's MIL to be also and will make a star for her in another block. 
 I have some of the new Moda Modern Background math fabric that made me think of 
Amy (a teacher) so will put that into the block with the fabric from her MIL.  
It has been a fun way to make this personal without it being "in your face".  
Amy will know and so will her husband but anyone looking will just see all the beautiful stars.  
This is so Amy.  

I really feel honored to be able to create this wedding gift and memory of my friend for her daughter.  I am hoping to get it all together before Christmas, but we will see.  I need to make a couple of Christmas stockings and some bridal shower gifts too (shhhh don't tell Amy ). 
 I had BIG plans to do more but this pesky job seems to keep getting in the way of my sewing!!!

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What are you sewing for Christmas??



Anonymous said...

What a sweet story! I love the colors and how it is coming together. can't wait to see the finish! :)

Alison V. said...

Very cute block! :)

Lisa in Port Hope said...

This is lovely amd what a sweet momento of the day. And such a good helper you have too ☺. I haven't used the mini bracelets print but I will keep an eye out for the white on white.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

I enjoyed reading about this! It's a lovely block, your colours are fresh & pretty!

Libby in TN said...

Sweet block, sweet colors, sweet story. It will be lovely and oh so special.

margaret said...

personalising this quilt with pieces of fabric from clothing is going to make it even more loved as a wedding quilt

SarahZ said...

I just love this block! I know the personalization will be so loved, and it must make it sew much fun for you as well, while making it!!

Jen said...

Is this the Round and Round pattern from Camille Roskelley? I've done two quilts with it and love it! Great wedding gift!

CA Bobbie said...

great back story for the quilt, great find on the Tervis tumblers-keep on keeping on


Love your blocks and all the different fabrics with their different meanings.

Anonymous said...

hello. Thank you for sharing this quilt/block. I will make a mini of the quilt as a thank you for a special gift. A friend sent me a special gift, spur of the moment, a necklace that is intertwined circles. My question is this: what is the designer/line if the background fabric? your pearl bracelets was used in the Lizzy house mini in a charcoal as well. Thank you. Lisa Davidson

Mama Spark said...

Lisa, The background for this particular quilt was white on white Pearl Bracelets by Lizzy House. The other quilt that had the gray background was Moda Bella Zen Gray. I hope that is what you are asking.

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