Friday, January 08, 2016

Chris and Ashley's Wedding Quilt

In listing my finished projects on the pages portion of this blog, I realized that I never posted photos of several projects that I finished in 2015.  I will do a series of posts to fix this!

First up is the quilt I made for my niece who got married in August of 2015.  Since her mom is a quilter I was not certain she would want me to make a quilt for her daughter.  I quickly realized that was not the case!  LOL.  It took a little figuring out with her mom just exactly what I would be able to make that she didn't already have.  (Her mom has got most of it covered).  

Once I had the colors, and chose the design things went pretty quickly.  I used a pattern by Cherrie House and I LOVE how this quilt turned out!  The chosen color scheme was teals (I added the green part).

Colors were chosen

Blocks were made

Obviously with some help!

Backing was chosen

The design placement took a LONG time.  Good thing the block sewing went quickly!

Progress was made

The label was embroidered and ready to put on the back

Beautiful quilting was done (thanks Kathy)

Use up every scrap and extend the back length at the same time, win-win!

  Isn't it gorgeous?

I decided to go with a two color binding.  One color (all the front colors) for the back and the indigo, that matched the center pieces in the front, for the front.

LOVE the effect of this binding technique.  (You can find a tutorial on my tutorial page)

One of my all time favories

All wrapped up and presented to Ashley and Chris at their wedding.

More finishes coming up soon.

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~Diana said...

Lovely Pam! Well done~

Ioleen said...

This is awesome. I am sure the happy couple were thrilled.

Schulz Family said...

visiting from crazy mum quilts. What a great finish said...

Love the colors of that quilt.

Karen @runsewfun said...

Beautiful! Now I'm off to check out the tutorial for a 2 sided binding. I've never even heard of that.

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