Monday, January 04, 2016

Christmas 2015

I know I have been MIA over the holidays here on my blog.  
If you ever wonder where I am and what I am up to just check in on my Instagram. 
 I rarely, and I mean RARELY, use my computer at home.  
I am NOT a PC gal and prefer to use my Mac at work to post on.  

So, how was your holiday?  Did you get to see family? Eat anything special? Go anywhere fun?

We had Christmas eve at my SIL and BIL house and my daughter from NC was home for a bit.

 Son and Middle Daughter on Christmas morning

Oh lookie, a new banner for the front porch.  thanks, son!

My girls and Beep (also my girl)

He was thrilled with this shirt we got him for his birthday (the day after Christmas)

Middle daughrer's bestie is getting married in February so 
there was also a bridal shower thrown in there after the holiday.
 I used glass paint and stenciled their last name of the outside bottom of a casserole dish.  
This way whenever she goes somewhere she will always get her pan returned to her!

Amy (the bride to be) and Kelsey (my daughter)

Amy, who is quite possibly the most dignified person I know, actually wore the hat made of bows that my daughter placed upon her head.  

On the last night that Kelsey was home her friend, Andy, came over to decorate cookies with us.  This is a long time tradition that he comes over each Christmas to decorate cookies with all of us.
Both my son and older daughter LOVE to be there.  
Unfortunately, there was a HUGE ice storm so she was not able to make it.  
We sure do miss this guy!  
We broke out a puzzle shortly after all the decorating was finished.

There was a little bit of this happening also. 
 So, although this is late, Merry Christmas to all my friends and family!


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Looks like you had a great holiday and love the baking dish idea.

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