Wednesday, July 20, 2016

WIPs With Friends

You may remember that I was going to a baby shower for my niece this past Saturday.  
I was helping throw the shower so decided to have us make some Onsies for the baby to be.  
The theme of the nursery is whales (pink and navy) 
so I went with using a Under-the-sea theme for the onsies.  

I found lots of coloring book pages of Under-the-sea animals and sea life. 
 I narrowed them down to the ones I thought would translate into making Onsie appliques.  
I bought several different sizes of Onsies, and both long and short sleeves.  
Ahead of time, I traced the designs onto fusible (remember to do this using the reverse of the design!)  I flipped my papers over and put them on the light box (aka the window) 
and traced them onto the fusible.  
Next I chose fabrics to make the design.  
I rough cut out the pieces of fusible and fused them to the desired fabrics. 
 I roughly cut the fabric out, but not the individual pieces.  
I put the Onsie, the coloring page and the fused fabric into a Ziploc.  
I had the coloring book page facing out so when I laid them all out 
the guests would be able to choose by the drawings.

I brought scissors (small ones), a table top ironing board and an iron with me the day of the shower.

People came up to the table and selected a design and took it back to their table.  
Once there they took out the fabric that had the fusible design on it and cut it out, ON THE LINE.  Once they were finished with that they brought them back to me.  
I had them remove the paper and place the pieces according to the design they had chosen.  
It was so much fun!  
I took them home to stitch around but here is what they look like before I stitch them.

Narwhal and Otter

Stingray and Jellyfish

Dolphin and Sand Dollar

I guess I have my work cut out for me to get them all stitched around!

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dianne said...

so cute - lottsa stitching around, but so cute!!!

Janice Holton said...

What a great shower idea! That can be personalized in so many different ways. I love it.

Jenny said...

Such a lovely idea, getting all the guests involved!

Jennifer said...

These are all so cute. What a great idea for the shower. said...

OMG those are so cute. They are a great gift idea.

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