Tuesday, May 09, 2017

A Tribute and Farewell to Beep

Yesterday, Beep made a trip to the vet. 
 She was having some trouble breathing.  
The vet felt she needed to have oxygen and be monitored through the night 
so sent my daughter and Beep to the ER vet in a neighboring city.  
Beep had Pneumonia, most certainly a complication from the surgery.  
The vets put her in oxygen and gave her a mild sedative and some antibiotics, 
but her little birdie body just could not hang in there any longer.  
They called my daughter to come as quickly as she could since Beep's heart had stopped once.  
She made it there so that Beep passed in her arms.  

It is hard to believe she is gone.  
Hard to imagine going to the house and not seeing Beep there anymore.  
My daughter drove to my home early this morning.  
She came to my room, told me that we lost Beep and climbed into my bed, crying.  
I held her as we both cried.  
She decided to go home and try to get some sleep as she was exhausted.
  I will go check on her later today and we will talk about how much we loved that silly bird.
Fo now a photo tribute to our little Beep.

This is one of my favorite shots of Beep.  With Shelby and Eric on their wedding day.

Christmas at our house.

Showing off her new diaper that grandma made.

Her first egg.

Beep at Easter

Celebrating her birthday!

Beep turns one!

I love this photo of her.

RIP sweet Bijoux (Beep) your sassy little self will most definitely be missed!

~Love Grandma


Jan @Cocoa Quilts said...

I remember watching her first egg. RIP Beep! You will be missed.

Toni Macomb said...

I'm sorry. It's so sad. She was a very special bird. I wish I could have met her. Hugs to you and your daughter.

Michele T said...

Oh no!! I hoped that poor Beep would pull through... my heartfelt sympathies to you and your family xx

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

So very sorry for you both. Gentle hugs.

Angie said...

So sorry to hear about Beep! It's so sad. Birds are amazing! She was beautiful!!

Gail said...

Sorry to hear about Beep. I know she was loved by all of you.

Unknown said...

I am so sorry about Beep !

CA Bobbie said...

Our love is never forgotten but the separation is sooo hard. You are all in my thoughts and prayers

Rosa said...

So sorry about Beep.Sending hugs to you .

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Ioleen said...

Sorry for your loss. I remember watching the video of Beep's first egg. I forwarded it to my friend who is a vet tech and her comment was amazing!!! I shall miss posts about Beep.

Cathy Weber said...

I'm sorry...such a sad day. It was obvious how much Beep was loved.

Lucky Duck Dreams said...

So sorry!

linda said...

It is so hard to loose a beloved pet. You are in our thoughts.

Bettina Groh said...

so sorry... so hard to loose a pet no matter what type!!

Marlene said...

So sad. RIP Beep. Hugs to all.

Briarose said...

oh honey I am so saddened for you and your family. hugs

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