Friday, May 12, 2017

Hallowedding Quilt FINISHED

I am so excited to finally be able to share the Hallowedding quilt 
I made for my daughter with everyone!!! 
 This quilt began following a Epic Halloween QAL on Flying Parrot Quilts blog
 Sylvia complied a bunch of really cool patterns and has all the links there so I am not going to list them all here unless I used ones she did not and I will include those.

First up are a few photos of the finished quilt.  Front


I am sorry but this post will have LOTS of photos and not a lot of words! 
I will say that I deviated from the QAL and
 added some things that had meaning for my daughter and new SIL.    

First up I wanted to include the raven dressed as a peacock that was on their wedding invitations.
The original bird was drawn by a friend of my daughter's, Michele Warner.

I had to draw the block and then I did thread painting for the tail.

I wanted to put in the word Hallowedding.
 I used the same font that was on their wedding invitations.

I also wanted to include their names.

I wanted to somehow include the wedding date.
My quilter, Kathy, put their initials in a heart on the grave stone too.  
This pattern is from Joanne Milnes but I embroidered the spider and the date.  

 This cauldron came from Fandom In Stitches, Jennifer Ofenstein

Spider webs were made using a specific ruler.

Black cat came from a pattern by Artisania.

Potion bottles.

This one is from Fandom in Stitches, Shae Merritt

You saw the LARGE bat up above, this is the medium one.

And the smallest one

Spooky eyes, from Happy Sew Lucky

The spiders were by Flying Parrot Quilts and can be found in the QAL on her blog.




Haunted house by Flying Parrot Quilts

Probably one of my favorites is this Ring of Coffins by Jessee of Art School Drop Out

Candy corns and Witch's hats by Flying Parrot Quilts.

Witches were by Rebecca and can be found on Craftsy.

I found this peacock in the Ghastlies fabric and thought this placement was awesome!  This one is Beep and the one on the red background represented Gizmo.  Both were my daughter's house peacocks.

I had a long skinny spot that Sebastian fit in purrrfectly!

Label hand embroidered by me!

Finally a photo of the quilt hanging in my back yard.

The newlyweds!

They LOVE it!!

I hope you have enjoyed the sharing of this quilt.
It is an amazing one and it took FOREVER to finish.

I am hoping to send it to a few quilt shows before it settles in it's new home forever.

I would love to hear what you think of this one!

Congratulations Shelby and Eric, we love you!!

Enjoy your weekend!


14 comments: said...

The quilt turned out amazing.

Jacqueline said...

Simply amazing. Sort of an I Spy quilt with so many interesting things to look at.

Jan @Cocoa Quilts said...

Pam it is beautiful. I can't believe all the different details. I am sure they can hardly wait to have it back home to cuddle.

dianne said...

AWESOME!!! a one of a kind keeper!!!

mtquilter said...

Wow!That's an amazing quilt. So much work went into just getting all the different patterns and then fitting them together. I love how you personalized it just for the happy couple! I'm sure they will treasure it forever.

Cathy Weber said...

This "scary, spooky" quilt is so filled with love. A true heirloom.

Bettina Groh said...

spookily spectacular!! Love it!!

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

So very clever! I'm sure the newlyweds will cherish it for years to come.

Calicojoan said...

OMG... I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Ioleen said...

It turned out amazing.

Nancy A: said...

The first of its kind:) You did a wonderful job. And congratulations on the addition to your family.

CA Bobbie said...

As it progressed I thought it amazing and seeing it all finished it certainly is AMAZING. WELL DONE.

anna said...

How Unique!! my first grandchild was born on Halloween and we love that day. I have been collecting Halloween themed fabric to make her a Quilt. WELL DONE!

Kat said...

Your quilt is beautiful! So cool!

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