Monday, July 24, 2017

Weekend Update

Most of the weekend was taken up getting my husband ready to leave for a week to Canada. 
He usually goes to his uncle's cabin several times each summer.
There is zero communication while he is away (no service)
Even satellite phones are bad up there.
There is a LOT of cleaning up to do in the wake of his leaving.

So after he was gone the cats thought I should be the new place to sleep.
Little did I realize the vital service he was providing while he was home.

I finished all the cutting for this beautiful star quilt (or at least the star parts).  
I still need to cut the sashing portion, and will begin that this week.  
There are 72 stars in all. 
I am making this with some friends so I have 24 of the stars to make and then all the pieced sashing (one of the other friends is making the other 48 stars!)  
It should be beautiful when it is done.  W
e are using the fabric line Canyon by Kate Spain for the stars and the sashing.  
I think we will back it with the gray Free Fall line by Tula Pink. 
I sure do love using that line for my backs!

I just got 2 more quilts back from the quilter and need to get those bound.  
One needs to be mailed to the new owner and one is to be gifted on Saturday!  
All other progress on other quilts will have to stop while I get the binding finished.

How was your weekend??



Gail said...

Your pictures make me miss my kitties.

Susan said...

I remember those days a long time ago. It's a great way to bond! said...

I wandered down to Kaleidoscope of Quilts show in Sylvania, OH. Then I worked on the quiltworx pattern I am taking a class for. Love the end result, but paper piecing.....huge eye roll

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