Wednesday, July 26, 2017

WIPs With Friends

I have been very busy working on so many things. 
 I now have kitten "helpers".  
It is so much more difficult to get things done with them in my sewing room.  
They seem to go from one thing to another wreaking havoc! 
 Then they crash. 
 I needed to do the binding on the quilt for my priest and they finally settled in.

Finn does the BEST poses!

I did manage to get all the binding sewn down on the quilt for our priest.  
I need to gift this quilt on Saturday.  
I will take a photo of the front in the day light but isn't Finn a great model? 

I was surprised that I got all three of the cats on my table last night as Hal is not a huge kitten fan.

I got my four bee blocks done, now I just need to put them in the mail.

I am now working on putting the binding on the llama quilt. 
 This turned out soooooo cute!  
I am using that same black and white stripe for the binding.

I love that our quilter quilted in the baby's name!

My friend robin and I worked on this together. 
 The saddle on the llama is actually some fabric she brought back from Panama and it is a pocket!  You have to love Elizabeth Hartman's patterns!

I thought this was so cute of Hal.  
She fell asleep with her face pressed up against this bundle of fabric.

Now it is your turn to share what you are working on.  Please link up!

I am linking up with Sew Fresh Quilts too.



Ioleen said...

Finn is a beautiful model. If you noticed my Instagram page, we have a kitten now. Patches had warmed up to Rudy, they actually chased each other last night. Love the llama quilt. Sorry I have nothing to share. said...

Your furry models are so cute. Love the llama. You have been getting lots accomplished.

CA Bobbie said...

I just love yur kitties-all 3.

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