Thursday, August 31, 2017

Some Quilty Progress and Thrifting Scores

I said yesterday that I would take photos of my progress, 
but by the time I got home yesterday it was not great light.  
I went to JAF and got almost 13 yards of batting 
(that's all they had of the kind I wanted) and used my 70% off coupon.  
It made it so much cheaper!  

Anyhoo, here is the back of what I have put together so far.  This is 4 rows of 9. 
 I have two more sewn together and then a single row sewn. 
 As I said each row takes me about an hour and attaching each row takes me another 45minutes or so.  

 These are the stars I have left, so 2 more rows to sew.  
I need to attach the squares to 2 sides of these and they will be ready to sew together into one row.  There is so much matching.  
The fabric is Canyon, by Kate Spain. 
 I'm already tired of working on it and I have HOURS left to do. 
 My goal is to finish it before the end of the weekend so I can take it to the quilter next week.

Then I went to the Sally Ann to see what they had.  
Hubby and I usually go on Wednesdays as there is a senior discount.  
Yesterday it was a super senior discount so 33% off!!!  Here are the things I picked up.

Two super adorable Lefton figurines.  They are about 2" tall and very delicate.

OK, Lord help me I could not walk away from this silly vinyl stuffed cat.  Clearly a child's toy.  
A little creep but oh so me.  
I'm sure my children will appreciate these finds 

I'm also a sucker for church related things.  
When I saw this sweet little angel with a (I'm not sure if it is a place to hold Holy water? a Rosary?) she jumped into my cart too.

I am always on the look out for dish towels.  
Do you know how expensive good towels are??
I don't like the terry cloth ones.  I scored 3 of them. 
 Plus this adorable black cat soap holder 
(Hello, now I need all the black cat things) 
and that cute spatula.

 Ahhhh, but the BEST find of the day?  This Salad Shooter!!!!!!  I have one and I LOVE it.  
I brought it to the camper and then left it there and was so sad.  
I have been meaning to buy another one but just kept putting it off.  
They were ~$30 on Amazon.  This one was $2!!!

I also could not resist this vintage Batman and Robin pattern 
if for nothing other than that picture on the front of the pattern.  
It was my very favorite show as a kid.  
The snowmen pattern is for a friend.

On top of all of that I got 2 sets of brand new queen sized sheets and 
1 set of vintage sheets for the camper pull out bed. 
(They are in the wash so no pictures).

Want to guess how much I spent?  Less then $32 for everything!!!  
It was a good night at the Sally Ann.

As I said, I did sew one more row last night.  
I am meeting my daughter for dinner tonight but hope to get home in time to sew another row tonight or maybe sew the rows I have finished together.  
Not sure which.

Enjoy your evening and tomorrow is Fri-yay!!!



Jacqueline said...

You scored big time!

KaHolly said...

Good luck accomplishing your goal! I sometimes grow tired of working on a quilt! I practically threw my whale quilt at the longarmer! You scored big, both at JAF and at Sally's! said...

Nice haul. So a salad shooter do you put lettuce through it too, or just cucumbers, onions etc?

Lesley Gilbert said...

Great finds on your thrifty shopping (my favourite hobby) and I would love to see a photo of how you use the salad shooter thing :)

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