Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Great American Solar Eclipse 2017

Yes, even those of us in MI suffered from eclipse mania yesterday. 
 My hubby drove to my work so we could go out and watch it together.  
There were so many people outside starting around 1:30.  
We were outside for a little over an hour and saw it get to 80% eclipsed.  
There was a woman in the area that  had a telescope set up and 
a friend of mine gave us some viewing glasses.   
We also used our phones to try to take some photos with and 
without the viewing glasses over the phone lens.

Probably the best shop I managed to get through the clouds.  
Not sure why it looks so dark, but the bright light seemed to mess with the camera on the iPhone.

This is a short video of all the rest of the folks at U of M (in the space we were)
watching the eclipse too.

This one was on paper.

It was fun to be out there with everyone enjoying the beautiful day and the excitement of the eclipse.

I hope that you all got to be caught up in the excitement 
even if you were not able to view it at your own home. 
 This is the third one I remember in my lifetime.  
There were no fancy glasses for the first one when I was a child 1970, 
and the one in 1979 happened when I was in college.  

It's fun to be a part of history!



Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Here just a bit south near Monroe we had total cloud cover. Fun to see everyone post about the eclipse though.

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