Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Fish Quilt Progress

I was determined that this past weekend I would make good progress (if not finish) the fish quilt top.  I only had a few of the blocks made but midway through Sunday I had all the blocks made
 and up on my design wall.

I still needed to put in the sashing at this point.  

My thoughts were, "well, you could do the in-between sashing."  
So I added that.

And how much more time would it take to put the long sashing strips in?  
Surely you could join the rows now.

Hey, as long as you are this far may as well finish it up and put the outer borders on.
Somewhere around 11pm I managed to have the top finished, the batting cut and the backing pieced and ready to bring to the quilter on Tuesday! 
 It was too dark to get a photo and I had a class last night that got me 
home around 10pm so this is the best I have right here. 
 The backing is a cream flannel with golden retrievers on it 
(they look a lot like Abbey, our dog).

I am dropping this off with Kathy at Thread Bear Quilting today!!

My plan is to her her quilt Fly lures all over it.
This is an Anne Bright pattern.

One more Christmas present almost finished!!

More about the amazing class I took tomorrow during WIPs With Friends.



Judy in Michigan said...

When you are on a roll, keep rolling!! What is the name of this quilt pattern? Love the flies too.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Cute quilting idea.

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