Monday, October 02, 2017

Shop Hop

I don't think I shared this with you all.  
On Thursday, my daughter called me at work and needed a favor.  
She has a barn cam in her barn and noticed that some of the bigger birds had knocked over the heat lamp and she was worried the straw could catch fire and burn her barn down.  
Would I please drive over to her house and turn off the lamp?  
This was around 11:30 in the morning and I was halfway into a CrAzY busy day at work. 
 Her work would not allow her to take the hour it would take to do this.  
So I took her car (I don't drive to work, I take the bus) and drove the 30 minutes over to her house.  
I turned off the lamp and this burning spot was in the barn! 
 I poured some water over it so the embers would not catch fire.  
Crisis averted.  
Drove the 30 minutes back and continued my work day.

My SIL and I went on a shop hop on Friday.  
We had so much fun!  I don't think I took any pictures of my loot but 
I did manage this selfie of the two of us!

This was the final shop we stopped at near Battle Creek.  
It was called Sew Unique Threads.  
My SIL and I are taking a Fiber Works class together and need some florals 
(I don't have much in my stash).  
I was really hoping that one of the many shops we stopped at would have some Kaffe florals.  
This last shop had TONS of Kaffe!!  
It was a very nice shop and the woman working there was so nice to us.  
There was a fair amount of Tula fabric too.  

The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning on Saturday and
 being entertained by these two goofballs.  
I needed a break and to be able to clean for a bit without "help", 
so I put the boys outside in their tent.  

Hallie wandered over to say hello while I was outside.

The garden was FULL of peppers and some tomatoes.

Perfect for making and canning 10 pints of salsa!  I did this on Sunday.

How was your weekend?

What did you do?



Shasta Matova said...

Wow, it is a good thing you went to get the lamp. Saved some big problems. Glad you were able to find the fabrics you wanted. said...

Heat sources in a Chicken house I have read are a bad thing. Looks like the daughter's feathered kids are a wee bit rambunctious. Looks like you had a fun shop hop. Nice job canning. I wandered out to my garden to discover I finally have peppers.

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