Friday, November 17, 2017

Finally A Finish I Can Talk About

As you may remember, I was in California for the past week.  
I went for a quilt retreat, Sew Beachy, 
(more about the retreat later) 
and stayed with a friend that I used to work with
 (until she moved to California).  
Many years ago, I made a quilt for the U of M quilt raffle. 
 Proceeds went to in need families that were patients at the university hospital.  
One of my first big quilts was won by my friend.  
She called me up 6 months or so ago and told me that her quilt had been loved to death and 
would I consider making her a new quilt?  
I asked my two friends at work that I quilt with if they would consider helping.  
As it turned out one was in the hospital at the time we needed to get this done, but upon her release made a few blocks for the quilt.  
My other friend did most of the stars.  
I made some stars, the squares, put the top together and then bound it when we got it back. 
 I carried it on the plane when I flew out to Cali & was able to present it in person to our friend Ana.  

First of all let me say that her reaction was priceless!  
Anyone reading this that I have given an quilt to or if you receive one in the future, 
please take note that THIS is how you should respond to receiving a quilt from me, LOL.

This is how I presented it to her, all rolled up.

We used Tula Pink's Free Fall 108" wide for the back.

Reading the label

THIS, this is how everyone should react!  

Thanks, Ana you made my day!

It's a bit embarrassing but this is the well loved quilt
 (which for the record she would NOT let me throw away as she loves it still).  
It reminded me of my daughter's "si-si" 
(well loved blanket).

Here are a few photos of the entire quilt so you can see what it looks like.  
Fabric is Canyon by Kate Spain and the pattern is Sara's Star by Sweet Jane's Quilting & Design. (Just in case you need to make one too!)  
Note, we did make ours larger than the pattern.

Oh dear friend, you made me so happy to gift this to you!
Thank you again for hosting me during my stay, but don't expect a new quilt every time, LOL

I am linking this finish up with Crazy Mom Quilts.

More about Sew Beachy soon!



Jan @Cocoa Quilts said...

I love that quilt. Love my some Kate Spain Canyon!!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Great photos...your making me smile and great quilts.

Nancy A: said...

great quilt and loved the pictures of Ana showing her love for it

lmno said...

I can see why you were motivated to offer this nice lady another beautiful quilt. This is such a great piece. It turned out so beautifully all the way around. I am so glad she "gets it".

Michele said...

It turned out terrific and of course any quilt using Kate Spain's fabrics are beautiful.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Every quilt recipient should be required to read this blog post before being handed a quilt!!! Just sayin'...

Robin Klein said...

Beautiful pattern. Beautiful friend to have.

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