Wednesday, November 22, 2017

WIPS with Friends

It is the day before Thanksgiving and 
I have managed to work on a few things this past weekend and this week.  
I'm sure, just like most of you, 
I have LOTS to get done before Christmas.

First thing was to clean up my sewing room after Sew Beachy.  
I just kept putting all the stuff on my sewing table.  
Then when I decided I needed room to sew I realized I  had to clean off my table to do so.
YIKES what a mess!!

Cole was right at home "helping" me clean up.

I joined a swap online that was to trade soup recipes.  
We are supposed to be sending an extra with our recipes.  
It took me a long time to decide what I wanted to send, but I finally figured it out.  
I saw this tea towel pattern on a website here.  
I thought it would be the perfect extra!  
My friend Crazy Quilt Girl is selling the tea toweling if you need to make some too.  

They are amazingly easy and look so cute when finished!

I also received one of my quilts back from the quilter.  
I decided that I needed to sew the binding on.  
I managed to get that sewn down so maybe this weekend I can work on getting this finished.  
I still need to glue it in place, but Thanksgiving is kind of getting in the way, LOL. 
Shhhh this one is a gift.  
Thankfully he doesn't read my blog!

I am linking up with Sew Fresh Quilts

Cole seems to be the one most interested in helping me in my sewing room.  
Finn is more interested in knocking things down.

 They are getting so BIG!  This is Finn's favorite position.  
In the arm of my husband.  
He climbs up, settles in and shoves his little fluffy face into my husbands face. 
Chris pets him and fusses over him and Finny gives him some kisses 
then he just settles in and sleeps like that.  
It's the cutest thing!

I hope that if you celebrate Thanksgiving you have a wonderful one.  
Spend time with your families.  
You will never be able to get that time back so take the time and enjoy your family and friends.
  If you are going out for Black Friday, be careful.  
Pay attention in the parking lots to cars parked next to yours with people in them.  
If you are uncomfortable, have someone walk you to your car.  
Human trafficking is real, as is theft!

From our house to yours Happy Thanksgiving and 
thank YOU all for stopping by and leaving me such nice comment through out the year.  
I appreciate each and every one of you!

If you have a WIP or 2 that you would like to share please use the blue linky button and share!

We would all love to see what you are working on.



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