Friday, March 23, 2018

Double Finish

You saw the Totoro quilt I made for my new great nephew.  
Well my other niece just had a baby too (they are SILs).  
I had not made a quilt for her first baby as my SIL (her mother) is also a quilter. 
 I got UNENDING grief over that from her, LOL. 
 How those babies needed a quilt from their Aunt Pam 
(Never mind their grandma had mad them a gazillion!!)  
So I decided that when this new baby came I would make one for each of the girls.

I thought this mermaid was perfect for the "big" sister.  
I found the cutest gold metallic stripe for the binding.
The mermaid pattern is by Kidgiddy and can be bought here, if you need to make one too.
Just note that I designed my pattern around the mermaid.
I also mirror imaged her which is not in the original pattern.

One mermaid was done with silver metallic accents

The other was done with gold metallic accents.

This is the finished quilt front.

I was kind of excited about this label too.  
The floss was variegated and I added in some sparkly filament.  

I think this silly girl loved the minky back the best!

For her sister's quilt I decided to keep going with fantasy and made a unicorn quilt.  
The unicorns are paper pieced (like the mermaids).  
I continued the sparkly fabric too and used it liberally!  
I was super excited to find the gradated fabric that I used for the inner border and the binding. 

Notice that some of the unicorns have the same stripe for horns that I used for the other binding!

Kathy, of Threadbear Quilting, quilted it with magic wands in variegated colors and it is just perfect!

These were so fun to make!

Pattern is by Unicornharts and can be found here if you need to make one too.

The back is castles and unicorns in flannel.

More variegated floss (without sparkle) for the hand embroidered label.

One happy little baby wrapped up in her new quilt!

I am so happy I can finally share these finishes with everyone!
I am linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts for finish it up Friday.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Happy Stitching!



grammajudyb said...

You are a good Auntie Pam! 2 quilts done! I agree big siblings need a bit of extra attention!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Grin...cute kids and quilts. said...

So many pretty quilts.

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