Monday, March 26, 2018

My List

I was not feeling particularly productive this weekend.  
I have a million things to work on and zero motivation to work on any of them.  
What's up with that??

I finished the quilt for the church and delivered that to the woman that asked me to make it.  
I completely forgot to take a photo of it all done though.  

I decided to tackle a project I had been putting off for awhile.  
When I was in California last year I visited some old friends.  
One of them has kids.  
When her middle daughter was born two of my friends in MI and I made a quilt for her 
(we made them for all of her kids). 
While I was visiting these friends the little girl took me into her room and 
showed me the dolly quilt on her bed.  
She was so proud of that quilt!  
Then she pointed to one of the dolls on the quilt and asked me if I would make her doll a dress?  
I smiled and asked if maybe she would like a skirt instead.  
To which she replied very enthusiastically "YES, and one for my dolly"!  
HAHA no good deed, am I right?

Later during the visit we all walked to a fabric shop and she chose some over priced, adorable fabric.  I realized there was not enough to make a doll dress AND a skirt,
 but I really was not planning on making the dress. 
 I was at JAF during one of their pattern sales a few months ago and 
picked up a doll dress pattern that looked pretty simple.  
It is a Simplicity pattern.
Amazingly I found an AG knock off for $15 and bought that too 
(for the dress I was not going to make).

Here is the skirt from the chosen fabric.

Here is the doll dress with the matching skirt.

They really did turn out cute.  

This package will be on it's way to California soon to a special little Miss.

Lord help me, I hope she doesn't need more dresses for her!



BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Cute, cute, cute!!

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