Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Some Keto Cooking/Baking

Hey hey, two days in a row!  
I made a few new recipes this past weekend and thought I would share.  
It was SO good.  
Hubby thought it was too spicy, so I would likely use less buffalo sauce next time but I loved it!

Recipe is by Wholesome Yum.  
I love her recipes!  
If you are interested I put the link above and the actual recipe is here.

I have been wanting to make some muffins too.  
There are SO many keto muffin recipes out there.  
I settled on these cinnamon sugar doughnut like muffins.  I
 forgot to add the Psyllium husk but they still tasted GREAT!  
I used silicone baking cups but paper should work too.  

I used only 1T of melted butter to brush the muffin tops though.
Recipe is by How To This and That.  Pardon my butter stained copy!  
These are amazing too.  
I will have to try adding the Psyllium husk next time and see how that changes the texture.

One more thing.
I found that if you cook radishes they lose their "bite"
I made some radishes in the air fryer to go with my steak last night
They tasted EXACTLY like potatoes!!!

 I hope you enjoy my keto recipe findings.  
I am having so much fun finding new things to cook.  
I have started making my own Ranch dressing too and it is really good.  
Just like the real thing but no preservatives!

Let me know if you are interested in the recipe!



KZK said...

I've been keto for about 10 months now but haven't tried the radishes yet! How long did you cook them in your air fryer and at what temp? They look so good!

Jacqueline said...

I enjoy reading your recipes.

Lesley Gilbert said...

I'm not really into cooking so I just make basic meals with lots of veggies. Laminate your recipe sheets to keep off the butter marks :)

Unknown said...

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