Tuesday, September 29, 2020

On The Road To Franklin NC

 We have set off on our way to meet our new grand baby.  There are a few stops along the way. We travel with the boys loose in the truck cab.  

Cole settled right down but this leg of the trip Finn was pretty restless.  I snapped a pic of my boys all together.  

That face!

As I said, Finn was restless and was on Chris's shoulders for quite awhile. 
 He seems to need to be near the driver at all times, whether Chris or me.

Look at my good boy!  He likes to sleep on the center console.

 We drove part way to Walton KY for the first night.  The church we belong to has a parish there.  We stayed in the school parking lot overnight then got up and went to mass in the morning.  If you ever get a chance, the church is beautiful!  The mass is in latin and it is a beautiful one.

Chris didn't realize that the screen door needs to be FIRMLY shut or Cole will get out so of course he did.  We were out in the dusk trying to cajole the cat to come out from under the camper.  Sheesh!  
We finally got him out and back in the camper.  
Then on Sunday we headed out for Franklin, NC.  

That is where the RV quilt retreat is being held. 
 I had to back out as my daughter wanted us to isolate as much as possible before the baby comes.  
We got to the RV Great Outdoor park around 4 PM and they took us to our site. 
 It is right across from the clubhouse.  This is so cool! 
 I can watch the comings and goings of the quilters without being in the clubhouse! 
 I did "meet" the person running the retreat and several others, at a VERY safe distance.  
This is our campsite.

We climbed to the top of the "hill" and this was the view.

At the office, where I checked in for the campsite, I was able to get a retreat shirt too.
Finn was SO tired out from all his antics in the truck.

On Monday, Chris was able to take Finn out in his cat sling for a walk.  
Finn cries until Chris takes him out, LOL.  
They sit together outside at night too.  Oh these two!

There are cabins on the other side of the hill so we walked up the VERY steep hill to check it out.

I thought to snap a pic at the bottom of the hill after we got back down.  
It made me realize I need to work harder to get into better shape, haha.

I will stop here for now.  
We only have good connections to the internet in the am but I will post as I can.

Cole is doing much better.  I will post an update on him soon too.
We are still doing his Go Fund Me, and you can click here to donate.

Thank you to anyone that has donated.

If you can donate we would really appreciate that so much!



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