Wednesday, August 25, 2021

A Sewing Weekend

 Recently, our friend Kailie came up to Michigan from Ohio to visit us. 
 We met her at the campground in NC last year.
  She is a respiratory therapist and travels the country with her dog in her class A motorhome. 
 She is currently in Ohio so not too far of a drive. 
 We went there this summer to visit her and will be going back to see her in a few weeks. 
 She is staying in our favorite campground in Berlin, Ohio. 
 It is a very Amish area with LOTS of quilt shops, LOL. 
 We will get to meet her folks during this trip too.

Anyway, she brought her machine and we set up a sewing area for us to sew all weekend. 
 She brought her dog, Ebby with her and that was fun for the cats! 
 We put a leaf in our table and then she and I set up on opposite ends of the table.  
I had my cutting table set up on my living room and the ironing board was in my family room.  
You can see our set up here.

Finny was fascinated with Kailie's sewing projects.

He would lay on whatever she was working on.  
He was especially in love with her Sew Together bag.

Cole, on the other hand was loving leaving his black fur all over my project. 
 He was sitting on the cutting table.
I pulled out a Christmas table runner kit that I had sitting in my sewing room for forever!  
It felt really good to get that sewn together!

I really wanted to make a Bendy Bag as a compliment for a gift I want to give.
  Kailie was a good sport and made one with me.  
She knows I need some hand holding when it comes to making 3D things.
 My bag components are the ones with the vehicles.

I am happy to say we finished our bags!  
This pattern was actually quite easy too. 
 I could see making another one or two of these in the future!

We had such a great time visiting with Kailie! (and Ebby)
Can't wait to see her again and sew some more soon!



Gretchen Weaver said...

Sounds like a great visit, it's so much fun to sew with friends. Happy stitching!

Linda said...

Ebby looks like a doll - great photo of you two. Your bags are cute! Cole wasn't just sitting on the cutting table, he was supervising and helping. ;) They are both so adorable.

Patti said...

Nothing beats sewing with a friend!!

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