Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Rejects Retreat

 Oh My GOSH!!!!! 
 I used to go to a quilt retreat in California.
  I had awesome roommates.  
Things changed and we are no longer going to that retreat.  
So, we decided that we all still needed to get together and do a retreat, just the 5 of us. 
 We had it all planned for last year and then...COVID.  
So this year we tried again. 
 This was me getting ready to leave Detroit.

One of the women who lives in Kansas City, MO set it up for us at the KC Maker Studio retreat space.  It was the BOMB!  
I flew out to KC and our friend picked us up at the airport. 
 First place she took us was to the Fabric Chicks quilt shop.
  What a great shop!

We went to her home and met her dogs and her hubby and saw her amazing garden, 
then headed out to the retreat house. 
 Isn't it gorgeous? 
There were 3 floors and the sewing space. 
 Bedrooms were on floor 2 and 3. 
 My roommate and I stayed on the third floor and 
the other 3 stayed in 2 of the bedrooms on the second floor.

This was our sewing space.  The tables were fantastic and very sturdy. 
 We each had 2 tables and lots of lights! 
 I used the little machine you see in the bottom right. 
 Paula lent it to me.  
A little Tula Pink machine!!

Isn't it the cutest?

Directly behind me was the hallway leading to the restroom. 
 There was a fridge there and a coffee maker, microwave and snacks. 
 Also a big counter and another ironing station (there were 3 total for the  sewing space).

On the other side of the room was another little room just for cutting.  
There were 2 cutting tables with large mats and lots of lights in this room 
as well as another counter to set things on.

The house was great, the hosts were the best (they live there, Patti and Dana) 
and the sewing space was to die for!  
There was also a tv so we could watch movies while we were sewing. 
This is Mel and me at the studio.  

Patti just opened a quilt shop 5 weeks before we arrived.  
The space was pretty big and she had a lot of great fabrics!  

I have more to share but this is getting long so more soon!



Gretchen Weaver said...

The retreat sounds wonderful and the space looks great! Happy stitching!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Lucky you! I, too, was retreating away from home last weekend too. ;)

Patti said...

You make me so jealous, enjoy every minute!!

Susie said...

What a great time and a lovely space to sew in and spend time playing with fabric. Can't wait to see what you were making and the machine was so cute. Hugs Susie x

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Oh that looks amazing!!! How fun!

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