Friday, September 03, 2021

More of the Reject's Retreat

 So...where did we leave off?  
Oh yes, the rest of the retreat! 
 First up was our trip to Sarah's in Lawrence.  
This is Traci modeling in front of the shop. 

This is inside the shop.
It was a great shop and one everyone should visit!

Paula found the cutest pineapple pin cushion!

After some shopping we went back to sew. 
 I managed to snap a quick selfie with Mel. 
 I may not have said it, but I missed these ladies so much!

Traci made the cutest pink elephant bag!

Just look at that flap! 
 I think it was my favorite part of the bag, but the peanut lining was pretty sweet.

We headed to Liberty and Angela Walter's shop, Quilting is my Therapy.

It was cool to say I have gone there but it really was not anything special. 
I enjoyed the other shops more, actually.

I did get this terrible photo of me and better one of my friends though, LOL.

The coolest thing, to me, were these angel wings!  
I have seen other people use them but never saw any myself.

There was the big pair you see me in above, and there was a little pair for kids next to it.
  OF COURSE, I had to sit down and take a selfie with the children's wings!  LOL.

Now on to talking about the things I was working on.  
My daughter, Shelby, drew a dragon in 2006. 
 This is the modified version of the dragon. 
 I wanted to make him into a quilt, BUT, did not have what I needed with me to actually do anything other than make the binding, SMH.

I made binding for another top that I finished while at retreat. 
 It is a Christmas gift, so I can't show the actual quilt top though.

This is a pic of the quilt top AND back and binding!!  
I sent this one to Liz to quilt for me as soon as I got back.

I bought these Kitty Corn fabrics to make a buffalo plaid quilt top at the KC Maker shop.  
This one is the Buffalo Plaid free pattern by the Empty Bobbin. 
 I can NOT believe how quickly it went together. 
 This will be for me.  
I am thinking that I will be adding the cat in the jack-o-lantern from the panel to the front of this one.
  I just ordered a back today, the same green kitties that are on the front.
The Knotted Thread has a bunch of this line packaged for backs (5 yard cuts).
If you are looking go check her out!

I finished a little bag also, but again, it's a gift so I can't share it right now.

No trip to KC is complete without having some BBQ.
We went to Jack Stack on the first night.
I had the brisket and turkey.  
Honestly, the beans were the best part of that meal!
I know, I know, turkey?
 But when it is done right it is the BEST!
This was more like lunchmeat.
I was pretty disappointed

Not everyone in our group loves BBQ 
(Who are you people?)
We went to another place called Q39.
It's a newer place but I have to say the brisket was the best I have ever had!
It melted in my mouth!

So for now, this concludes my trip with my buddies.
Never fear though, we are getting together again in November!
Traci owns a quilt shop in WI called Something Quilty.
She is having a retreat from the 3-7 of November.
Want to join us?
Give her a call!
I would love to meet you!



Bettina Groh said...

Glad you had a good time here in the KC area...not sure those BBQ places would have been my first choices!! Of course everyone has their favorite!!

Robin said...

Where do you start from on your adventures? They sound like fun. I love Shelby's cool laid back dragon. Like to have a copy of that bad boy. It reads like you had lots of fun. Hope everyone got along. Don't know if I am a non-responder, please tell me if you write back. Quiltyladyrr at gmail dot com

Yakéné said...

Bravo pour votre visite. Vous avez de superbes magasins de patchwork. En France, il nous faut souvent attendre les salons pour se fournir! Le dessin de dragon est superbe. J'ai hâte de voir sa réalisation. Bonne chance. Amicalement

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