Sunday, January 16, 2022

Flannel Doll Quilt

 I wanted to make a doll quilt for a gift for a special little girl that is upcoming. 
 I thought I might use that elephant quilt I did recently but it really is too big for a doll quilt. 
 So back to the drawing board. 
 I seem to make a lot of crib sheets and burp cloths out of flannel. 
 I have been cutting the leftovers from all my flannel projects into usable squares. 
 I cut 6", 5", 3" and 2.5" squares.  
For this doll quilt I decided to pull from this stash. 
 I mostly have 5" squares but thought those might be too big for what I wanted to do. 
 I started off with the 2.5" squares I had 
then cut from the larger squares I had to make up the difference. 
 It was not quite big enough for me so I added a flannel border (also from scraps). 
 I pick up remnant pieces of minky/fleece when I find them 
so had a nice yellow piece to use for the back. 
 I put batting scraps together for the inside too.
  Then I quilted it in the ditch. 
 I had some leftover satin binding so used that up for the binding. 
 WIN-WIN for this cutie!

I think it turned out perfectly for a little doll quilt! 
 Now I want to use some of those 5" squares to make a few baby quilts.  
I have so many other things already begun so I am going to try to refrain.  

Do you find it hard not to get sidetracked when you are working on something too? 
 It's.  So.  Hard!



Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

That is a pretty little quilt. I can see how it makes it tempting to make more in different sizes. I am tempted to make about 13 new quilts a day, but tend to take about a year to finish a quilt (because a lot of them need time to marinate).

Ioleen said...

So cute. A neighbour has a little girl and I’m sure she has a doll so thanks for posting this. I will be making one. Thanks Pam 🤗🤗

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