Saturday, January 08, 2022

Rejects Birthday Club

 Remember when I went to the Reject's Retreat last August?  I decided that perhaps we needed to do a birthday club.  One of the members declined so I invited another friend (now an honorary reject) to join in.

The premise is that we each choose a quilt block that the rest of us make 2 of and send during the month of your birthday.  Additionally, one needs to send a homemade gift.  Paula was the first up in January.  I made a Pineapple Pouch in her favorite color of purple,  I found the cutest paw zipper pull to put on it too and lined it with a Tula Pink print.  Her dog passed away recently and I had found a pair of socks and a soap dispenser that looked like her dog so I bought those and sent along.  I sent some needle threaders, and some amazing glue tops.  

The block she requested was the cutest strawberry block. 
 I pulled some reds from my stash and made up 2 blocks for her.

I forgot to get a photo of the adorable zipper pull.
It was a paw print!

More tomorrow!



Patti said...

We used to do that in our guild and someone just ask if we wanted to start up again. Love your block.

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