Wednesday, June 01, 2022


 Last week and weekend we did a LOT of yard work!  
Chris made me 2 trough planters for me to grow veggies in.  
I dug up the horrible spread of chives. 
 I rearranged the rocks and took out the Hell grass that had gotten into the front garden. 
 I planted 2 blueberry bushes and three peony plants. 
 I planted my flat of Petunias, with the help of the little girl from next door. 
 Chris was NOT happy with all my efforts, LOL. 
 He thought I did too much.
I was tired but it felt GOOD!

This spiral stand still needs to be re-painted.

This is just one of the two planters.  
All tomatoes in this one.

While I was gardening, Chris power washed the deck.
He got to use the power washer I got him for his birthday.
Now it will need to be stained.

It was a productive week!
My last radiation treatment is tomorrow!!!!!!!!

So far so good.  
I will get to ring the bell then.



Charlotte M. said...

Ring that bell!!

Sharlyn said...

Beautiful yard! I'm glad you're treatments are almost done. So good of your husband to be so protective❤️

Judy in Michigan said...

Your hard work in the gardens paid off - they look great! Wish I could be with you to ring that bell. Many hugs.

Judy in Michigan said...

Forgot to ask, how do you make a trough planter?

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