Finished Quilts

These are my past quilts. It is not all inclusive but some of the ones I could put my fingers on quickly. I will try to link to the post about each of them as I get the time but for now enjoy the eye candy!

Completed Quilts 2012

1-Halloween Tumbler-DD1
2-Halloween Tumbler-DD2
3-Halloween Tumbler-DD3
4-My Dad's Quilt
5-Farm Tumbler
6-Chase's Tumbler
7-Daniel's Tumbler8-U of M Tumbler MHC
9-MSU Tumbler MHC
10-Sliced Apples
11-Water Quilt
12-Girlie Crazy Rail
14-Underwater Baby
15-The Ugly Quilt Part Duex
17-Chenille blanket for Kathy's baby
18-Chenille blanket for Christian


Mel said...

Pam, you are SO prolific! LOL! I can only dream to keep up with you! I love the pumpkin quilt the best. I love Halloween!

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