Thursday, August 09, 2007

More QU

These are from my class on Sunday. Some of the ideas were similar to the Friday class but I still learned some things. It sure made for a long weekend though. I think next time I will only take 2 classes unless there is something I *need* to take, lol. This first picture is an example of what we were learning at the beginning of the class. It was difficult to know what to bring, fabric wise, because I had no idea what we were going to make.

Here is what 2 rows of "mine" looked like. I really enjoyed makinn the border for this.

She had also used this technique to make pagoda blocks like this

At the end of the class she showed us how to make the blocks for this quilt. I really liked this one and it was a neat way to use your scraps up.

She took strips about 3 inches or so (not firm on the measurement) and freehand cut them into wedges. The wedges were put together with the larger part on top to form an arc. She then laid the arc on an 8" square of background fabric and freehand cut around the arc. The background arc was taken away and the pieced wedge arc sewn into the block. Isn't that fun and easy? She called this one "Fruit loops". Appropriate, right?

I just got the Michigan top back from my friend Robin. I appliqued all the "M's" and cut out the quilt and she sewed the top together. Now it is back to me to put the borders on it. It is pretty "IN YOUR FACE, Michigan! But the U of M fans are pretty supportive of their school too. I am hoping to get the borders on this weekend. I also got the last of the pansy blocks back last night from the Church Ladies (CL). I will put the blocks together this weekend too but the border fabric I want I either have to order on-line or I have some friends that will be going to a HUGE fabric shop on Sat and maybe they can find it. (I'm hoping for the latter, less shipping, so keep your fingers crossed!! I got my Jack-o-Lantern wall hanging and my Winnie the Pooh quilts back from my longarner friend so more binding!! (I think that makes 6 or so I have to put on and turn). I have managed to sew the bining on all but these last 2 but they still need to be turned. Last night at the meeting with the CL I brought the Turning Twenty I made thinking I might get to begin turning the binding, but no luck. One of the women told me she loves to sew it down by hand and took the quilt to do it for me!!! I am blessed.


Saska said...

Love the Fruit-Loops! Looks like a fun quilt.

But...don't we all NEED more classes?! Just look at what all you learned?!

Katie said...

Oh what a fun weekend. Playing with fabric is so much fun. Your dragon fabric is just the greatest as will your finished quilt will be. How big is the cardboard or the finished star?

Laurie Ann said...

Cool quilts! I really love your blocks. The colors are awesome!! I could really get into that class.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Super fun, those Fruit Loops, what a happy quilt! How blessed you are indeed to have a volunteer to stitch your binding down!

Jeanne said...

Looks like a wonderful class! The quilts have a playful, fun quality to them that is very appealing.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Wow! You have been so busy and I just love all the new things you've shared. I look forward to gazing some more at all the great pictures. What fun you've had!

Beertje Zonn said...

Beautiful Quilts!!!
Kind Regards,


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