Monday, September 17, 2007

MEEEECHIGAN!!! it is, the Michigan quilt! I made 2 count them 2 Michigan quilts!!! Being a Spartan, this was difficult for me = )
My friend, Robin, and I made the first one together. I cut it all out and made off the "M" applique's and handed it off to her. She sewed the center of the quilt together. Then, she gave it back to me to make the borders. We than handed it off to our friend, Liz, to work her magic (I mean quilt) it. When she brought it back to us, it was so beautiful, we thought maybe it should go for raffle rather than auction. Maybe it would raise more money that way?? Well, I had made 4 "extra M's". What to do?? Why, make another quilt of course!! Smaller, and use it for the acution. What??? The deadline is when??? The deadline was one week from the decision to make another quilt!!!!! Needless to say, I busted my hump and got busy. I had it done from cutting to finished top in about 4 hours. I gave it to Liz on Monday, got it back on Wed and had the binding done and on in time to turn it in on Friday. WHEWWWW!!!

You can see the whole "Lap" size one here. I haven't got photos of the "BIG" one yet!!

This is what one of the"M's" looks like up close from the front

You can see the magic of Liz's wonderful quilting from the back on the "M's"

She went around each star too.

And the other star

Liz quilted "U of M" into every rail fence block too. I just posted the plain one as it is difficult to see it in the focus fabric one.

On both the big and little quilts Liz quilted a block "M" into each corner but on the big one, in the lower right corner (if you are facing the quilt) she did something different. Robin designed a stylized version of the U of M football helmet. Liz quitled that into the corner and embroidered the date!! Isn't it neat?? I really like how that turned out!! Liz is amazin' (pun intended, you know? Maize and Blue...?))

Liz also quilted "M go blue" into the outer borders, but I haven't been able to figure out how to photograph it to make it show up. If I take the photo from the back the words are backwards, and it is difficult to see on the crazy M fabric on the front. I may take it from the back and flip it on the computer, we'll see.

This is the website for the auction. Anyone can bid, it works like ebay. All money raised goes to the patient's charity here at U of M. Look for the quilt raffle on the pathology website coming soon too.

I got the binding on the pansy quilt and the label done, I just need to sew it on. I got my bow label back from Liz and sewed it together, now I just have to write on it and sew it on. I have the binding all ready to turn for the bow quilt too. I got to see the nursery for the baby that will get this quilt and the quilt is just perfect for the room!! Divine intervention once again!! I trimmed the second bear quilt and tried to sew on the binding, but realized I was about 18" short (after I had most of it sewn on). That necessitated a trip to the fabric shop to buy some more. I bouth more but I didn't get the binding made or sewn on, maybe tonight. Liz gave me some vintage embroidered animals that she did on her embroidery machine and I trimmed those and designed a quilt for them. I got all the fabric cut and ready to sew. I trimmed all the cat's for my friend Judy's quilt and realized that I need to make 2 more. I got them fused, but not marked or cut out. More for tonight (AFTER my lax meeting...) Last but not least I got all 36 of my pumpkins, stems and leaves traced, fused, cut and ready to fuse to background. I still have a lot to do but feel like I am making progress. DH will be out of town for 4 days so I should be able to get a lot done in that time. We will see...


Laurie Ann said...

Wow, good job!! I hope they raise a lot of money. There are very cool!

Jeannette Bruce said...

Let's go Blue! Great job and I am sure these will be well loved. Where did you get the fabric?

Jeanne said...

I know several guys in my family who would love to have a Michigan quilt!
They turned out great. I hope they raise a lot of money.

Faith said...

MMMMMMM I love it so much and the colours the quilting ooooo so lovely, I hope this will raise alot of money and who ever wins this quilt and treasure this wonderful Michigan quilt, you should show the team and publicise it.


Holly said...

Wow! That turned out awesome and that's the lap one you say? Can't wait to see the big one.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Great quilts ... you are one lean, mean, quilt-makin' machine these days! I'm tired just thinking about it! :)

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