Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The rest of Madison

Well, here I am back (or still) in Madison. I had many more pictures to share but I cut it down to these few. The first ones are of Miranda and then of Miranda and Shelby eating ribs at the Ribberfest, along the Ohio River.

Here is DD2 with her daddy at the festival.

On the walk back to DD1's apt we stopped at the fountain near her place. This is the fountain at night and me experimenting with my camera.

The next day we drove to Clifty State Park. This is Miranda, Chris and DD1 at the park.

At the park I found a walking stick. Here is DD2 holding while DD1 supervises.

The next stop was the Lanthier Winery. I wanted to see what the local wine was like but we didn't have a lot of time as we were going to tour the Lanier mansion. So I raced in and tasted a few wines and bought some as gifts that we picked up after the mansion tour.

This is one of the quilts inside the mansion. When we walked up to the mansion I thought it was the front of the building, but it was the back. The front faced the river with the gardens spread out in front of the house.

This is the stair case in the center of the house(up 3 stories). It was breathtaking!

I thought this sewing cabinet was neat. The cloth that hangs down was what held the scraps of fabrics. It was so hot and humid that they had to store the fabric where air could get to it so it didn't mold!

One of my favorite shots was of the spy glass they used to look out at the river to see who was coming via the river.

I took this to show you all what the mansion looked like "back in the day". Even in black and whit it is spectacular. They told us the gardens are much smaller now as they don't have the money Lanier did to maintian them.

Back of the mansion.

Facing the front of the mansion.

These are the gardens as they are now.

Sorry so short. DD2 is leaving for IN and wanted to go out to dinner. She has a long drive back and I wanted to post while I had a chance to be on the computer. Seems like I have to compete with WOW these days and I usually lose that battle!
Enjoy my little snipet of Madison!!


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