Tuesday, September 04, 2007

MSU, and My Life

GO STATE!! What a weekend for Spartan fans!! The Spartans won their home opener in football and the Wolverines of Michigan LOST to APPALACHIAN STATE!! Who?? Yep, that's right...how sweet is that? David brought down Goliath.

It has been a busy week. DD1 and her friend from Australia came home on Thurs. Friday we packed the car and drove to Mackinac City. We actaully crossed the Mackinac bridge and stayed in St. Ignace. Our room had a view of lake Huron. The almost full moon rising was amazing. We got up on Sat and went to Mackinac Island. We went to the fort and walked on the porch of the Grand Hotel. Did you know that the pool in front of the hotel was built for Esther Williams to make a movie in? She only put her toe in and said it was too cold so they built a replica in Florida and shot the movie there. Just a little trivia for you! I hope to post pictures tomorrow or later tonight. I have tons to share. I finished binding the bear quilt and should have it delivered to Kimberly this week. The final court date for the adoption is Sept 12th and so the little guy will be going home with them then. I will take some pictures and post them soon too. I got the pansy quilt back from the quilter today too, now I have to make the binding and bind it and make a label. I meet with the ladies on the 12th so I will show it to them and then give it to the young woman that had a hysterectomy due to cervical cancer (btw, all tissue was clean!!)

I will write more later. Stay well.


Jeannette Bruce said...

Go State! Actually, I shouldn't say that since I am from Ann Arbor, but who cares? I like the trivia info, hope you had lots of fun up there. Looking forward to the photos...

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