Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kim's Baby Shower

Last night was Kim's (from the CL quilt group) baby shower at the church. We had a lot of fun.

All the photos are on my Flickr account. This way all the CL's can use the link and view all the pictures.

So let me just say that Kim is probably the youngest woman in our group. Such a sweetie too. Everyone was thrilled to be able to buy some things for her and the baby! Ruth Ann bought these beautiful flowers for the party. And Sharon had the cake made. It was so adorable! Pilar was in charge of the games and she had lots of them that made us all laugh. Shirley, William and Kenneth are not in the Bible!
Kim's Tues baby shower 025Kim's Tues baby shower 023
I was taking a lot of pictures, as usual, and she was near the end of the gifts when I took this one. You can see how red she was, I think she was very grateful for all the gifts but a little embarassed over all of the attention. She was trying to show us all how "BIG" (NOT) her belly is. Can you believe she is due in January??

Kim's Tues baby shower 021
This is the quilt I made for her. I have shown it before but thought you might like to see it again with her. Sorry that the pic isn't that great though.
Kim's Tues baby shower 022
When it was all over, she handed out these little "diapers" filled with mints and this cute poem as a thank you. What a clever idea! I haven't taken mine apart but I think it is a FQ! (I just went and opened it and yep, it's a FQ)
Kim's Tues baby shower 026
Little does she know that the CHV quilters wanted to have a shower for her too and so that one is a surprise and it will be tonight!!

In case you are wondering, the eye is good and the cold is hanging on, BAH!


Allie said...

I just love baby showers - this looks like a good one! Love the favours.
Glad the eye is better - still haloing? Start eating some garlic and get rid of that cold!

Terri said...

Cute lil' favors!! Glad you're eye is better at least....

dianne said...

i love that baby quilt - it is so bright and happy ... and the thank yous are perfect for quilters (i'll have to remember that idea!) ... my sister and her husband are treating THEIR colds with lottsa vitamin c in the form of orange juice and vodka - ha ha ha!

Cathy said...

Great that your eye is good, I hope your cold leaves you alone soon! Great baby shower, I love the quilt you made, and fabulous little nappy idea, thanks for sharing xo

searchfamilies said...

Nice quilt, she don't look that big hope tonights one will go well
Hugs Janice

SewCalGal said...

Sounds like a delightful shower and a fun time for all.


Shanna said...

Love the baby quilt and what a wonderful idea for a favor!! Never would have thought of that :o) What a blessing!

Micki said...

I love the quilt!
Just lovely!

Anonymous said...

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