Monday, October 05, 2009

On the bannks of the Red Cedar...

Saturday was the BIG game. MSU vs U of M. We are all HUGE Spartan fans at my house (even though I work at the U of M). Our DD invited us up to tailgate with her and her friends and their parents. This is what we saw all along campus on our way to her house.

East Lansing game day
The girls had the house all decorated for the game and they certainly had plenty of food and drinks too.
Amy's HouseTailgate food
It was a really good game and MSU won it in overtime! Here is my family and me after the game. We were so happy! In case you can't read it my shirt says "There's no crying in football (except in Ann Arbor) HAHAHA! Go STATE!! This is the first time MSU has beaten U of M back to back in 40 years.
MSU v U of M tailgate
So I had to recover on Sunday. I actually made another baby quilt! As well as went to a chili cook off and a food co-op. How was your weekend.


Mary-Kay said...

My sister, who you just met, actually watched the game and was rooting for MSU. I didn't even know she liked football. Any way I had a great weekend! I got lots of things done but no housecleaning. That will be next week. Maybe.

Allie said...

LOL - great pics - love your sweatshirt!
Saying a prayer for you tonight!

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