Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Day 09

I know I am behind in my posting so here goes. This was what our tree looked like on Christmas morning. Notice the red candle on top of the angel on top of the tree? There are 3 of those candles and 3 of my kids. Each year they try to see who can put theirs up the highest on the tree. This year DD1, the shortest, just gave up and put in in the middle. But DD2 and Ds? Ohhhh they were on like Donkey Kong! Notice that the red one is the "winner" but the green one is a close second. Well, DS figured out that he could put his on the halo of the angel thereby winning the contest!
Our Tree
Here is my incredibly adorable and dorky family in their matching PJs. My MIL and FIL gave everyone pajamas for Christmas. Each family got a matching set and this was ours. I am not in the photo as mine were the only ones in the family that didn't fit! Of course!! I felt kinda left out, but I am going to lose weight and fit into those pj's for next Christmas, you just watch for that, k?
The family on Christmas morning
My dad and sister usually spend Christmas day and the next day (DS's birthday) with us. This is actually the day after Christmas and Grandpa was getting ready to go home so I needed a photo with all the kids. He is 83 and you never know how many more Christmases he will be with us. Hopefully MANY!! He is very healthy and active.
Grandpa and the kids
This is my goofy sister. All the girls (my 2 daughters, me and my sister) and my DH went to see the 3D movie Avatar together. My sister was getting ready to leave with my dad and began crying so DD1 put the goofy 3D glasses on her so we wouldn't be able to tell. I think they just made her look even goofier, but "whatever". This is now DD's favorite photo! My sister is 9 years younger than me and has Cerebral Palsy. She lives with my dad and for awhile DD1 lived with them. Both my dad and sister are extremely attached to her and this is why my sister was crying (not because I was mean to her or anything, although she did call me mean for taking this photo, but how could I not share this with all of you?? I'm just sayin...) She did swipe at me with a crutch on the way out but I'm OK she is not very fast with her hitting.
Holly the goofball
As you can see grandpa and DD1 really love each other. I love my dad! He is a wonderful generous man!!
Grandpa and Shelby

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas too. I did receive many wonderful gifts from my family too. The girls bought me an external hard drive with 1.5TB of memory for all my photos (DD1 was horrified when I got a new computer at work and had to transfer ALL my photos and there are over 3000 of them) Yes, I download them onto my work computer as a back up to my home computer and because sometimes I post from work. I love my Mac so much more than that PC I use at home! My DS bought me the entire first season of Supernatural,love it! DH bought me a new iron (b/c I have been asking for one) and this one can be used corded or cordless (Orek), He ordered me 2 quilt books that I asked for a foot for my sewing machine that I asked for and a surprise, a quilt rack that he and DS are supposed to build for me. I also ordered a single hole needle plate for my machine. (Bernina had 25% off so it was a good time to do so). I had taken my machine it to have it cleaned and checked over and I just love the guy that does my service. She should purr like a kitten once I get a chance to play again!

We got a lot of DVD's at our house for Christmas too. I have watched the entire first season of Fringe and True Blood, both very good. Now on to Supernatural and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I hope everyone else was able to enjoy family, friends and the time off from work! (As I type this from my work computer!! LOL) I will be meeting up with LTW today to go to Checkers and pick up an order. I will share more about that tomorrow. I am also going to get to see her farm today, but sadly you will all have to wait to see it as I left my camera at home! Maybe I can convince her to use her camera and send me some pictures, we will see. I guess you will just need to check back now won't you??


Crispy said...

What a lovely family you have Pam!! It sounds like you had a great Christmas.


PS - I love my Orek iron.

Mrs Quilty said...

Sounds like you all had a lovely Christmas together! That's what it's all about after all!! Very cute photos! I wish you all a Very Happy New Year as well!

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