Monday, December 07, 2009

Dickens Festival Holly Michigan

Every year we try to go to the Dickens Festival in Holly. We love the "characters" playing the parts and putting on shows, as well as the antiquing and shopping. It is just a fun place to go. We usually choose the coldest day and go (at least that's how it seems) but this year it was not bitter cold. Here are some of the players.
Dickens Festival 011
I saw this neat sewing stand but it was a little too expensive for me! Cute huh?
sewing cabinet
This desk is so close to one at my dad's I had to take a photo so I can tell him how much it was. Oh, wait...maybe I shouldn't as I want that desk someday.
Desk like dads
Look who was wavin' at me! Yep, it was Santa!
I saw several things in Holly Hills Primitives that caught my attention and several had this cute little mouse on them.
Mouse on snowmanMouse
At first I thought he was real. Then I looked a little closer.

She also had these really cool wooden icicles. They were so amazing.
Wooden Icicles
The best thing ever though was this vampire hunters kit in the antique shop.
Vampire kit tagVampire Hunter Kit
All in all it was a lot of fun. Every year I buy DD2 a "creepy elf" which I usually find in Holly. This year did not disappoint. He is a small little guy but great creep factor. Can't show him until after Christmas though!!

We did manage to get the tree up and the lights on the tree but that's about all. It was a busy weekend. I hope you all had a good weekend too.


Quiltluver said...

I always forget about the shopping in Holly. Thanks for the reminder. Karen

Crispy said...

What a fun way to spend a day. Love the wood icicles!!


Anonymous said...

The sewing stand is gorgeous, the mouse supercute but the vampire chest is the BEST ever!!! How awesome.(ah how I loved watching Buffy..)
i'm going to a christmasfair coming sunday, but I doubt if I find anything as cool :)

G'G'ma said...

Sounds like fun at Holly. I have my MIL's sewing stand. It still has some very old "stuff" in it.

Loved the quilt for your French grandson. Coins really help with the scrap supply!

Unknown said...

Ok, how much for the desk??? You can tell me privately if you wish. My grandma had one, I loved it and played with it whenever I was there. I was supposed to inherit that desk, but somehow didn't, sigh! At 73 I would love that desk!
(addy so you can email me privately and Dad won't know, grin)

Faith said...

Hi Pam
I loved seeing all the pictures the vampire kit made me smile.
Thankyou once again for the christmas pressies they were great Im so thrilled with the books, materials and cat brooch... I will write again real soon
Love from faithxxx

Micki said...

I love the desks...I love furniture like that!

Very Mary said...

Way fun!

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