Saturday, December 19, 2009

Irish Christmas Giveaway

OK, I have not had time to write of late but dang it I have been swamped! My friend Micki over at Irish Muses is having a wonderful giveaway of some really cool Irish things. She is a sweetheart too so you really need to go and visit her.

I told you I would share what I got for PTM for Christmas after I gave it to her so here ya go. I thought these little kitty faces were so adorable! And PTM is totally addicted to 30's fabrics.
I also gave her some of these. I believe they are from Darlene Zimmerman's newest line. Aren't they adorable?
I also gave LTW her present but , very bad me, I do not have a photo of what I gave her. I did show you some Kaffe Fassett fabrics in a post about NYC. Well I also went to the LQS and got a couple more of those fabrics. I made FQ's out of all my prints and shared half with LTW!! I think she liked them. She is saving up some of the pinks and purples to make a pattern by Don't Look Now. Me too. If anyone has any KF scraps you would like to donate to the cause we would take any color and type. I had none in my stash so will need to do a little collecting before actually getting started. I just love her stuff!

I am trying to fight off a cold and my head is all congested so I took a Benedryl and now I am getting sleepy. We are going to Frankenmuth tomorrow so will try to write when we return. Headed off to bed, can barely keep my eyes open...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz........


Mary-Kay said...

Are you going to hit Bronners? I haven't been there in years and I really wanted to go this year. There's still time today if I had my car. Oh well, there's always next year. I heard there's a quilt shop there too. Lucky you!

Crispy said...

Oooo I hope you are successful fighting off the cold!! I'll have to see if I have any KF fabrics...I might....I'll e-mail you if I do :0)


Red Geranium Cottage said...

I love thoes fabrics. I just saw them online today. Very cute.
Hope you feel better soon.

Micki said...

Thanks for your sweet words and the fabrics are gorgeous!
Happy Holidays to you!

Laural said...

The fabrics are adorable!! My trip to Bronners that I was promised this year didn't happen again :( I hope you had fun!!

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