Saturday, July 02, 2011

Just Checking In

I thought you might like to know that my dad came home from the hospital yesterday.  They are still not sure about what caused his problems but he was no longer dizzy and feeling ill.  They changed his meds and I took him home.  He took some of his new medicine and guess what?  Within about 45 minutes it made him light headed and dizzy!!  So I called the doctor's office and he is medicine free for the rest of the weekend.  They will need to reevaluate him on Tues so we will see how that goes.

It is so difficult being over 2 hours away.  I know you all remember the BIG clean up I did awhile ago at his house, well it is getting really grungy in here again.  I began cleaning around 6 and didn't stop until I fell into bed around 11!!  You can now see the counter top, at least.  I finally had a talk with him about possibly getting someone in to clean regularly for them.  Thank goodness he is open to that!  I will have to make a list of places and call them next week to get some pricing.  It is going to be expensive if I have the kind of cleaning done I would like, but I just can't do it all by myself.  I hate to impose on friends to help too because it is so bad.  We're talking the walls need washing, the bathrooms are a mess and I am overwhelmed.  First though I need to cut through some more of the clutter so they can even come in and clean!!  I find it seriously amazing that my own family doesn't understand why I hate it so much when my own house is cluttered!!  I grew up in this kind of a mess and it has just gotten worse since it is just my dad and sister.  He just can't do it and neither can she.  

OK, so sorry for all this but I needed to get it out.  I sure did appreciate all the love and support from all of you!!  My blog friends are the BEST!!  Actually my friend, Holly is one of the BEST too.  Through out this whole time she has been texting and has offered to take time out of her schedule to come here in a few weeks and help me work through some of the mess.  She came here and helped me with this after my mom died too.  I don't know what I would have done without her help.  My family has come here and we have done a lot more too but once we come in and clean for only  a day it just isn't enough.  I almost broke down and called the Hoarders show, LOL.  If I didn't think my dad would flip out it would be a thought, although the house is probably not bad enough for that, thank goodness!!

I do have something to show you guys though.  I finished a birdie stitches block recently and have not had the time to show it to you.  I was not sure how I was going to like this one but it turned out cute!

Birdie Stitches 002
Here is a close up of the stitching. I added a butterfly, lady bug, snail and bee. Although after I took the picture I realized I still need to put the black in the bumble bee, LOL.
Birdie Stitches 001

I brought the next block with me in case I had to be at the hospital for awhile but fortunately no. I need to do more cleaning so the embroidery is going to have to wait. I have all my stuff cut for the quilt for Jacquie too but that is just going to have to wait until I get home too. I am *dying* to get started on that one too.

I did get to give the Castle Peeps quilt away and will show you more on that when I can upload photos to my computer (no wireless here so I am on my dad's desktop).

Thanks for the love and prayers. I hope I will get to talk to you all soon.


Denise :) said...

Your birdies are just darling! Especially in their pretty patchwork staging. They made me melt just a little inside. :) I know what you mean about being far away. My folks are 13 hours northeast, and though I've got a sister who's just fifteen minutes away and one who's three hours away, I know I won't be able to be there *quickly* if ever I need to me. It makes me a little sad. I'll continue to keep your dad and you all in my prayers! :)

Jan Maree said...

Glad to hear that your dad is doing ok. Sorry to hear the meds didn't do the trick but sometimes it is a process of elimination till they find the right mix and I am sure they will. Never apologise for sharing it all - I am sure noone minds and that's what friends are for - even blogging friends. Don't be afraid the ask for help - friends usually mean it when they say "is there anything I can do". Love the blocks. Keep smiling.

Charity said...

What a wonderful daughter you are to come and do these things for your dad. I'm sure he appreachates it. Maybe if you get a head start of some of it, the regular cleaning crew can take it from there.
Clutter is something we have, what a constant battle to keep up with. We recently had a yard sale with Oma's(grandmother) house. It was amazing how much stuff was in one house.

Sara said...

You do what you can Pam and the rest will work out in God's timing:) I know it's hard,but you don't want to wear yourself ragged either.

Your stitching is so sweet,you do a wonderful job at it! I thought you didn't like to hand embroider so much though? Are you hooked now?

sophie said...

Although it's a little scary, it sounds like your dad is making progress. I'm glad he's open to getting some help with cleaning and sorry that he's having problems with the medication. During my own father's illness, I really came to realize just how much of an inexact science modern medicine is. I know just how hard the distance thing is when our families need us ... it's the reason I moved from California to Michigan and stayed. Hang in and please make sure that you're taking good care of yourself, too.

Lotte said...

It's good to hear your dad is home again! And when they get the right med mix he will be all right soon...
The bird is very cute! Lovely colours!

Katie M. said...

Good to hear your dad is home. Sorry to hear about the mess (literally) that you have to deal with. Good friends like your Holly are such a gem (I have a Vicki!) Hope things work out better if you are able to get some regular maintenance people in to help out. Hugs, Katie

Allie said...

I'm glad he's home, sweetie. My mil went to the hospital last week, she had hit her head and was very dizzy, turns out she was just dehydrated. She drank a bottle of water and the dizziness went away. Make sure your dad is getting enough water!
Your birdie stitches is darling!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Keep taking good care of you Dad - home is easier than the hospital. Love your Birdie Stitches - you gave it your touch. Can't wait to see what you are doing for Jacquie!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Your work is wonderful. How do you keep your background fabric so smooth? Most everyone elses looks wrinkled or shows the hoop marks.

Anita said...

Glad to hear your dad is well enough to be out of the hospital. Hopefully they'll figure out what's up with the medication and get that taken care of.
When I worked full time I swore by having a maid service come in ever other week to do a deep clean and I maintained it until the next time. It wasn't all that expensive and once things are in order your dad should only need someone in once a week to dust and what not. It's an extra cost but it will do so much for putting your mind at rest it will be worth it.
Good luck!

Crispy said...

Getting a maid service in would be a great solution for them. Once it's all cleaned it will be easier for the cleaners each week. Definitely worth the extra cost and less stress for you.

Your stitcheries are great too :0)


London Cleaners said...

I think Crispy is right about the maid service. Hope your dad gets well soon!

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