Thursday, July 14, 2011

More Birthday Love

Last night I went over to my friend, Cori's house.  She is the owner of Crazy Quilt Girl's online fabric shop but she has been my friend for a long time.  She was going to help me lay out a quilt so I could do some arranging without the help of the 5 cats and the dog and all their hair!  Let me tell you this, I can't show it to you yet, but it is a beauty.  It should be!  It took us 4 and a half hours to get it ready for me to take home to finish!!  More about that later though, when I can actually show you some photos, ok?

In the mean time, as I was leaving she gave me a card that absolutely cracked me up.  It's funny I saw the card recently when I was looking for a birthday card and really wanted to buy it for someone.  It was something to the effect that there was no birthday cake because the Democrats gave it to all the people that weren't lucky enough to have a birthday today!! LOLOLOL!!!!!  She really knows me!  My gift actually ended up to be a wonderful book.  I will show you in the next post, my mistake!!

Cori handed me another card with a gift cert in it from my friend, Annie (to Cori's shop of course!)  In addition to all that my friend and LAQ Liz gave me this nifty little tool, in PINK!
Utility tool from Liz for my bdayUtility tool case
It even had a cute little case to put it in and let me tell you what, that little light could burn your retina out!! Thanks you guys, you are all the BEST!!

My DD1 and I are going out to see the first half of the last Harry Potter movie followed by the midnight showing of the new and final part 2!!  We are going to go to get some 5 hour energy drinks too and I think I will have to nap!  I'll let you know how it goes.

Tomorrow Cori, QNQ and I are all going to Checker to pick up Cori's store order.  It's a little over an hour away and we always have fun.  We might even  hit a quilt show on the way home, I know there is one close to where we are going.  Will have to see, I know Cori has to get back to mind the shop!

So you see the birthday fun continues!

On a different note, I just heard from my sister and my dad will need to get a pacemaker installed.  I'm actually glad to hear that, I was so worried about his low heart rate (as low as 44!)  Anyway just thought you might like to know how he was doing.

Have a wonderful night, I know I will.  Aren't friends the best?
My DD's are pretty special too!   ~XOP~


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Getting anxious to see the mystery quilt. Continue to enjoy that birthday Pam!

Sara said...

OH I wish I could join ya girl!!! Enjoy that girl time:)

Allie said...

GREAT friends, girl! So glad the celebration continues! LOVE the card...didn't even see it and it cracked me up. I hope you're enjoying the movie, I'm sitting here wide awake waiting for my chicks to come home to the roost and tell me all about it.
My mum has a pacemaker, I have no idea why as it only works 2% of the time. It functions fine, she just only needs it rarely, if ever. But it seems that everyone who goes in the hospital gets one anymore. I'm praying for your dad!

Crispy said...

You certainly have been having a wonderful birthday!! I'm sure having the pacemaker will be a wonderful thing for your dad. That heart rate is not good!! Prayin' all will go well :0)


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