Friday, July 15, 2011

Spending The Day With My Friends

You probably all want to know about the HP movie don't you?  It was freaking AMAZING!!  The 3D glasses were just like Harry Potter's!!  The movie was so exciting, but my butt is draging today.  We got to the theater around 8:30pm to see the Deathly Hollows pt 1 only to realize that pt2 was in a different theater and there was already a line and no way to save us a seat or place in line to get a good seat!!  They didn't think about that very well!  So DD1 got her ticket refunded and got in the line for us.  Wasn't that sweet?  She wanted me to see it since it was for my bday.  She was already seated when my movie let out so I went and found her and we had great seats!

We ended up home around 2:30am and she says, "Mom?  Will you help me make white chicken chili?"  How could I say no when she had waited in line for 3 hours for us to save our seats?  Of course I helped her, so bed was at 3am and then I got up at 6:30am to go to Checker with Cori (Crazy Quilt Girl).  I had not heard from my dad so we were set to leave around 7:30am, except I didn't realize I was supposed to call her and let her know until about 15 minutes waiting and it dawned on me to check my phone!  LOL.  So we finally got on our way and headed out.  I love Checker!  It is a fabric clearing house where quilt shops can buy fabric, notions, threads etc.  Her order was ready for some Lynette Anderson Scandinavian Christmas, and my personal favorite Tula Pink's Prince Charming.  So if you are in need of either of those lines, go over to her shop and pick some up.  Oh, and she has listed her Sample Spree fabrics too so if you want to get some of the amazing fabrics from Moda before others, hurry on over her shop (Like Little Apples and Ruby, two of my personal favorites). I did get to see Wrenly and I am in love with the dandelion print in ALL the color ways!!   I got a few fabric cards from the line From Little Things that I have up on Flickr for swap if anyone is interested let me know.

Pauline (Quilting Queen or QNQ) had lunch ready for us and so we drove to her house to have a wonderful lunch.  That lady sure knows how to put on a spread! We looked over the ordered goodies and they gave me my birthday gifts!  Cori got me a book I had been wanting.  I am considering (later) running a QAL of this one.  Let me know if anyone might want to do it too.
Sylvia's Bridal Sampler

I am considering doing this one in Bliss. Wouldn't that be beautiful??

Then Quilting Queen gave me this amazing bag (Opal Owl)
Opal Owl bag

Inside the bag were some antique jars with a crown on them and "made in Canada" on them. They are so cool especially to put neat things like thread or notions in. Also, a Beam and Read, which is a new gadget that magnifies and lights your work area. So cool!!
Canadian JarsBeam and Read
I have the BEST friends ever, don't you think?

My friend, Quilting Queen, QNQ, is having a giveaway to celebrate her one year blogiversayy. Man-O-Man is it a good one too!! She is giving away a FQ bundle of Lil and Will (Bunny Hill) in the yellow colorway. You should go on over there right now and enter for a chance to win, tell her Mama Spark sent you. I just love Bunny Hill's fabric, so sophisticated!  I just love Quilting Queen too!!

Now I wanted to show you the beautiful card my DD2 sent to me for my birthday.  She is in NC looking for a place to live for grad school but she sent a wonderful card.  Even nicer than the card was the fact that she started it out by "I just wanted to wish my BEST FRIEND happy birthday!"  It just warms a mama's heart!  My girls are the BEST too.
Amazing Owl card
Now an update on my dad. He called today to tell me that his pacemaker surgery is scheduled for Tuesday at 11:30am. Please pray for him to come through it well. That means I will probably won't be blogging most of next week. So, if you don't hear from me, don't worry!

I hope you are all well and that you have a wonderful weekend. ~XOP~


Impera Magna said...

Prayers going out for your father!

I'd be interested in doing Sylvia's Bridal Quilt with you...

rubyslipperz1052 said...

I'm so glad you had such grrrrrEAT time!!


Jen said...

Awesome friends! I do love that card. I would be interested in doing a QAL from Sylvia's Sampler. Bliss would be gorgeous! How are you doing on My Tweets? I started the first block and then got completely discouraged and didn't complete it. It's a lot of applique! I do want to finish that one block though. I'll be keeping your father in my thoughts :)

dianne said...

the blue and white blocks in Seven of 9 are from Sylvia's Bridal Sampler - they were from a BOM at The Quilter's Studio (Auntia's blocks are red and white) - loooove that book!

have you seen the Project of Doom blocks? they are a Harry Potter themed piece-a-long - waaaaay cool ...... so, i'm not gonna be disappointed when i go to see Part2? tell me i won't be, even if you have to lie, cuz i just reread the book so that i would be ready - i had totally forgotten the visit to the vault at Gringott's!

are you in competition with Auntia for prolonging birthday celebrations?!? she makes hers last the entire month of december! i guess it takes extra time to celebrate when you've got lottsa people who love you...

Crispy said...

What a wonderful bunch of gifts you received!! Your friends are the best!! I'll wait to see the HP movie when it comes out on DVD LOL.


RobynLouise said...

A lovely card and a bunch of great gifts you received.
Don't worry too much about your Dad. My Mum has had a pacemaker for about 15 years (along with her heart bypass) and even had a new battery put in the pacemaker! A family joke with us is not to scare Mum to death or the Pacemaker will just keep jump starting her until she's revved up again!
It's a fairly standard operation now so most of the 'what if' situations already have procedures set out for them and everything goes smoothly. Lol, at least male patients can show off their operation scars.

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