Sunday, February 12, 2012

Due to Poular Demand...

One of the things many of you have been asking me is the name of the fabric line the bird panel comes from. 
So here you go, it's called World of Susybee for  Hamil Textile Design #SB20139. 
The shop I got the panel from is called Quality Quilting. 
This is their phone number  (734) 929-5169, so if you need them to send one to you, give them a call and I bet they would be happy to send it to you!!

I thought I would show you some of the blues that I have received from a few blog friends for my dad's quilt. 
Thanks Dar and Diane. I also received a package from Mary.
She was very generous with many colorful Christmas fabrics! 
I forgot to take a photo of them though, but thanks to you too Mary!

From It's Dar

Blues from Diane

It has been so fun to receive these little fabric bundles.
I was sitting in my family room watching tv and this is what was sitting on my right.

Aiden and Jack

I love my cats! I love my blog friends too!
Have a wonderful day!! 



Denise :) said...

What pretty hues of blues! And I love your "bunked" pussy cats!! :)

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I'm in blue heaven! Just lovely. And the 'stackables' are so pretty and content looking - love red tabbies

Allie said...

Lovely fabrics - adorable kitties! I'll have to check out that new quilt shop!

Anna said...

oh they are so sweet...the fabric also! lol

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