Monday, February 20, 2012

My Dad's Quilt and There's A New Blogger In Town

I'm back to work today and I can't believe it is almost time to go home already!
The day went by so quickly.
Just thought I would take a minute to share the progress I've made on my dad's quilt top.
 I managed to sew (after loads of unsewing) the first 4 rows of the quilt.
 I have 2 rows of 2 sewn together.
I like the effect so far.
 What do you think?

Dad's Quilt

Dad's quilt

Also, My DD2 has a good friend that is her age that loved my quilts sooooo much 
it made her want to learn! 
Specifically these two Noah's Ark quilts that I made using a panel and designing around them.

(Sorry they are so tiny here, my actual pics are on my FB and this is how they loaded here)
I made these for a friend that had twins. 
So anyway, my new quilting friend is Stacey, and she just started a quilting blog. 
 Her blog is called "My Old Quilting Soul".
 So if you have a minute pop on over to her blog, leave her a comment, maybe even become her newest follower! 
 She would be so happy to have you. 
 It's so important for us to encourage new talent! 
 She is already talking about fabric she *needs* to buy. 
  Welcome to the club, Stacey!! 
Tell her Mama Spark sent you!



Jen said...

LOVE the Noah's quilts! So creative - they look very snuggly!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I love the two-block pattern you are using for your dad's quilt - very eye-catching. I went to visit Stacey and then forgot to come back and comment - duh!!

MB in MI said...

Love your Dad's quilt--I'll bet he's gonna love it too! (i'll stop in at Stacey's :-)

Sara said...

Your dad's quilt is looking very cool Pam!!

Vickie said...

Love your Dad's quilt! It is turning out great!
Stacey couldn't ask for a better quilting friend!
Have fun!

trillium said...

I like those colors in the blue quilt. What are the average prices charged to machine quilt twin and full/queensized quilt tops?? I am just beginning to piece a quilt and will never be able to quilt the top.

Denise :) said...

Your dad's quilt is wonderful and I love your two Noah's Ark quilts!! Popping over to say hello to Stacey!! :)

Allie said...

Your dad's quilt is looking quite spectacular, girl!!!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Your Dad's gift is terrific; love the snowball block, it's perfect for a winter/snow themed quilt!

Gmama Jane said...

All the different blues are striking and well balanced. Your Dad's quilt is very 'cool" indeed.
Popping over to visit Stacey.
Gmama Jane

Deb said...

Love the quilt you're making for your dad.

CLynnBaker said...

Quilt looks great even better then you described at guild last week :)

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