Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Frogs Are Hopping Off To The Quilters

My life is about to change. 
My dad had a bad fall recently which necessitated my traveling to see him this past weekend.
 My DH and I drove the 2 hours to his house and
we did some cleaning but I can see that I need to go there on a more regular basis.
 My dad is 85 and my handicapped sister lives with him.
  He barely cooks and never cleans.
 His light above the dining room table needs to be replaced as do both toilets and his kitchen faucet.  Everything needs to be cleaned and painted and he has soooo much "stuff" all around,
it is so cluttered.
  I am going to be taking every other Friday off to go there and
start the arduous task of beginning the de-clutter. 
I can't really clean much until I can pare down the "stuff" that is there. 
We managed to clear off his kitchen counter
(which is piled right back up every time I go there) and one desk.
 OK, so wish me luck!

Now on to some more fun stuff. 
I did manage to get some sewing done on Sunday.
 I got the borders on the froggy quilt and made the back.

Frog top complete

I tried to make the back look like a frog pond. 
(forgive the laundry in the photo, I hung out the wash, which I love to do when I can)

"Frog Pond" back

It is now off to the quilter!! 
 Oh and for anyone interested in the pattern, 
it is now available at Crazy Quilt Girl's online shop here.



Michele said...

Those sorts of life changes are rough for everyone involved. Good luck with that. The quilt turned out adorable.

Mhairi said...

I love your quilt. I hope that your Dad is able to accept your help and understand that you are trying to make life easier. I thoroughly recommend getting some cardboard boxes from the hardware store to hold all the stuff. Good luck and I am really looking forward to seeing the frogs when they come home.

Karens Quilts, Crows and Cardinals said...

Love the frog quilt !

And sending energy and love your way to best cope with the challenges ahead. Hang in there - giving your time and love is most important right now.


Deb said...

Aging parents cause a major change in our life's plan - good luck! Love the frogs.

Rachel said...

Love the frogs, wish I was close enough to come lend a hand. Tough situation, but never more than we can handle :-)

Anna said...

I walked that walk last year...not fun...but hang in there you are not alone! The froggy quilt is adorable!!!

Donna said...

I'm sorry about your dad and all that involves for you. On a brighter side, the frog quilt is just as cute as can be! I can't wait to see it quilted.

Karen said...

Auck, so sorry to hear this! It is so hard. My folks piled stuff back on the counter WHILE I was emptying it. Hang in there!

Allie said...

And bless you for doing it for him, Pam. It's hard when a parent starts needing you, instead of the other way around...praying God will give you the strength.
Your froggy quilt is absolutely darling, hon!

Quiltluver said...

Love your quilt.

Sending good thoughts for you and your Dad. It is a challenge. I put both of my parents on a lifeline program last week. At least I know if they need help, they can get it with a push of a button...now to convince them to wear them all the time.

Vickie said...

I love your frog quilt! It's adorable! Hoping all goes well with your Dad.

Richard Healey said...

Just love the frogs quilt. Going to have to make one frogs are just so cute.


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