Friday, March 02, 2012

This and That Friday

I sure do have only this and that to talk about today. 
Yesterday I went with D1 to look at 2 perspective houses for her. 
As it turned out neither one fit the bill so she will keep looking.
 On our way though, we dropped Liz off at her farm. 
She has a quilt from a good friend of mine that I have been dying to see, so I went in to take a peek.  Let me just say that I was totally blown away by this quilt.
 I didn't happen to have my camera to take any photos
 but if you go to her blog here you can see 2 of the blocks. 
I have seen a LOT of embroidery stitching, a LOT and I have a good friend who's work is excellent, but Dianne's embroidery is perfect.
 There I said it, perfect!! 
Amazing, incredible.
 It looks like it was done on an embroidery machine, it's *that* perfect.
 Then she made the setting her own, even more amazing.
 I can't wait to see it all quilted up and bound.
 I promise I will link to that when she posts some photos. 

Now on to another cool thing that happened recently. 
My BIL was invited to ring the closing bell on Feb 29th at the NYSE!!
He is in the cetner in the blue tie.
 WTG John!!

John Russell

Lastly I found a couple of Japanese books that are not OOP. 
 I would love to get my hands on them if anyone happens on a copy, please let me know!

They are by Kumiko Fujita

Patchwork Patterns 318

And ABC Patchwork Lesson

So there you go!
 If you are a thrift shop person add those to your "find for Pam" list!! haha. 
 If you have something you are looking for please let me know,
when I am thrifting I would be happy to look for you too!



Anonymous said...

The stitching in the two blocks is gorgeous. I guess I never gave too much thought to who rings the bell. Good for you bil.

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