Monday, March 12, 2012

March Madness Go SPARTANS!!!

It's time again for March Madness!!! 
This is a special time of year for Spartans and
our awesome basketball team coach by Coach Tom Izzo.
 We are coming off a HUGE win yesterday against Ohio State that made us Big Ten Champions
 and one of the four number one seeds in the tournament. 

Now if you are not a basketball fan here is something equally as exciting,
maybe more so if you don't follow college basketball.
 Modern Madness
Yes you read that right Modern Madness
Go over to the Fat Quarterly blog
and print yourself off some brackets (just like the basketball ones, but with fabric). 
You fill in your brackets
and then go to the Fat Quarterly blog to vote as they post the divisions for voting. 
This will probably follow the progression of the basketball games,
ie sweet sixteen, elete 8, final four
and then the winners.

Who will you choose?
 I printed mine and filled them out.
 It'll be fun to see how well I do. 
It's a lot of fun so get going,
print out the brackets,
choose your line up, before anything is posted,
and go and vote (when it's available to do so) 

Here's what I chose.

March Madness Mama Spark's Picks
I found the lower right the most difficult from the 4 choices on. 
It really could go to any of those.




Kritta22 said...


Off to go play!

Quilt n Queen said...

I should be cleaning but I promised myself I would leave more comments in maybe I'll be still cleaning when they arrive tomorrow...I've printed the Modern Madness brackets...interesting! I'll cheer for the Spartans for you!!

MB in MI said...

GO Spartans!! :-)

Sherry said...

LOVE March Madness. I just printed off my March Modern brackets. I need to get busy making my picks! I'm a big BB fan. My brother is a long time HS BB coach with quite a winning coaching record. ;) This will be fun to follow as well as the games. :)

Anonymous said...

How fun to fill out. My final four: Prince Charming, Loulouthi, Echo and Terrain with Echo taking the championship.

Toughest match 1st round: Happy Happy Yum Yum versus Backyard Baby
Toughest match 2nd round: Far Far Away versus Terrain
Toughest match 3rd round: Echo versus Curious Nature
Toughest match 4th round: Loulouthi versus Stitched in Color

I'm a Wolverine but I'm happy to cheer for the Spartans outside of head-to-head games!

Allie said...

I hate basketball [sorry] and never heard of brackets - I wouldn't know what to do!

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