Monday, July 23, 2012

Fun At The Farm

We were lucky enough to be able to spend some more time with my husband's sister, our nieceand her three adorable kids at Liz and Becky's farm on Saturday. 
 It just happened to be the three year old's birthday too!  
The kids loved the farm!  
Especially the kittens.

 Grace thought my husband was the BEST!!

Aren't those baby cheeks so pinchable?  
My niece and her youngest.

Everyone loved Electra the donkey, that thinks she's a dog!

Grace even collected some eggs!

It's nice that Becky was there to show everyone around. 
 Here they are feeding the goats

Jo, the middle one, was so cute.  
All smiles all the time except when I took this pic!

The highlight for Grace was this orange tabby.  
Which she promptly named "Orange".  
Very original. 
 I fear for her future children!

Then, just because we are the "cool" great aunt and uncle, 
we took everyone out for ice cream for Gracie's birthday.  
Jo was not too sure what to make of her first ice cream cone!

Grace sat next to Chris, of course.

At one point she asked for some of his ice cream cone and of course he shared.  
Grace's grandma, my husband's sister, told him that 
he did not need to give her everything she asked for. 
 To which he replied, "It's her birthday!  She can have whatever she wants!  
That's why your kids hate you."  
And we all cracked up, with her daughter sitting right there, who clearly loves her mom.

It was a lot of fun and a day we will always cherish, since we don't have any grand children, yet,
 this was the closest we can come for now. 
 I am hoping we get to see them once more before they leave to go home to SC.  

Oh and did I mention that Marilyn, my niece, is a new quilter???  
I didn't??  
Well, she is and I am so thrilled! 
 I went through my animal bin of fabric and found her two heaping bags of fabric.  
I have LOTS more bins to go through before they leave.  
Thank goodness they are driving.  

I hope you had a great weekend too!!



grendelskin said...

A banner day! And you can afford to be super-indulgent since they're not your own grands. Your niece is lucky to have an enthusiastic teacher and fabric-sharer in the family!

Sara said...

That looked like so much fun Pam!! Does your niece have a blog yet? How fun for you! Now you can have sewing dates when she goes up there to visit.

Have an awesome week!

Quilt n Queen said...

A day at the farm is always fun and better yet when you can spend it with family. Did you get any sewing in on the weekend????

Faith said...

Aww lovely to see the pictures, I was just thinking youre practising to being a grandma and grandad, hee heex

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