Monday, July 30, 2012

Rekindling An Old Friendship

I met an old friend for dinner last Thursday.  
We had not been able to meet up for many months and 
we saw each other a few weeks ago at her mom's funeral. 
 I think she was so busy taking care of her mom there was just no extra time.  
We met for dinner and it was wonderful! 
 We started up just like we had left off.  
She brought me a bag full of gifts that she had for me for  my birthday and Christmas.  
One of the most beautiful was this pendant from Hawaii.

She also gave me a big box of thread.  

Then we had a funny thing happen between us.  
A few years ago she gave me some fabric that I thought was not very pretty (ugly in fact) but felt so guilty I decided to use it to make a charity quilt.  
She thought it was not something I would usually sew with either
 but wanted me to work outside my comfort zone.  

So I made a quilt that I dubbed The Ugly Quilt.  
Turns out my DD2 fell in love with that quilt and now it lives with her.

 The following Christmas I made a jelly roll of all the left over fabrics and gifted them back to her!  Well, in this bag was a quilt top she made out of those strips and all the left over fabric.
The Ugly Quilt Part Deux!

I used the left overs to make a back,
 I added some Kona Ash to make up what I didn't have enough of.

This quilt is now on it's way to the quilter!  

Our little baby turkey is still cute as a button.  It likes to "help" my DD1 while she is typing.

Then I got to finish up another quilt top and had some beautiful Marmalade to play with. 
 I just LOVE this fabric for the back!!! 
 My favorite. 
 Of course, Jack had to help me out too!
Marmalade fabric with a marmalade cat!

That sums up my Sunday.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too.



Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Your new necklace is adorable! Too funny about the fabrics going back and forth. LOL Have a happy day!

dianne said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! sheesh - i'm wiping tears from my eyes ... thanks, i needed a good laugh!

p.s. - and here i was, thinking that i was in possession of the one and only Ugly Quilt...

Quilt n Queen said...

The ugly fabric story is too funny!!! The baby turkey is adorable, too bad they don't stay as cute as a button!

Sara said...

Funny story about the "ugly quilt" it was meant to be loved!!

Sneak peak of Marmalade fabric-----nice!

Haley said...

Well, talk about full circle! Love the cute pics, too. My kitty stuck to me like white on rice while I was piecing my rows last night.

Allie said...

Gorgeous necklace. How sweet to re-connect with a good friend. That's funny about the ugly fabrics, they sure make a nice quilt!

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