Saturday, February 15, 2014

Just Had To Share

I just had to share this video of my daughter's boyfriend and her indoor peacock.. 
 For some reason Blogger is not letting me upload the video so here is the link to watch it.

I also made a peacock Onsie for her to give as part of her shower gift today. 
 As I said before I took line drawings and made appliques from them.
 I will show them as I finish stitching around them probably next week if you want to see them. 
 Here is the peacock.

I decided to free motion around this one instead of blanket stitch. 
 It was much quicker and I really love how it came out too. 
 Although my stitching is not amazing and knit is difficult to stitch on with no stabalizer!

My daughter loved it.  
I hope the mother-to-be likes it as much as I do!!

I will take pictures at the shower and post them soon.

Moving my dad tomorrow. 
 Can;t wait to have him closer!!



Cindy said...

Cute peacock. Good luck on the move tomorrow. Even if he decides not to like it there, remember, we all choose to make our own happiness. If he chooses to be unhappy, that's his choice,, not your fault.

margaret said...

what a delightful video, stitchery lovely too. Hope the move had gone well and Dad has settled in, he wi be pleased to be seeing more of you now

Bonny said...

Your peacock turned out excellent and your machine quilting is perfect!
How pretty!

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