Sunday, February 23, 2014


Yes this seems to be the word of the moment!
  I am making progress on some things in my life. 
 I feel like a weight has been lifted from me having my dad so close. 
 I have gone every day to see him.  
My daughter and son have been over to see him and 
my daughter even brought her peacock over on Sat morning and made them all breakfast! 
 I still have a lot of follow up to do where he is concerned but I feel like I finally have a little wiggle room. 
 I have LOTS of "stuff" of his go go through now but that will not go anywhere so I will get to it. 
 I went through a whole box of pictures and letters already. 
 Do you feel guilty when you throw photos out? 
 If I kept every photo from my dad's home there would be no room for anyone in our house!!!

Last night, as hubby was watching pre race shows on TV
 I retreated into the sewing room and worked on stitching around all those Onsie's.  
I got them all finished too!!!
  Here is  close up of the ones that were "built" rather than made from pre printed fabric.
  I really love these so much!

After the peacock this whale is my favorite!  
Those water sprays were tough to do on that knit.  

These were the first eyes I tried on the machine.

Anything that went onto the knit was tricky to do.

This jelly fish is pretty adorable too.

So someone asked me to tell how I did these. 
 I think most of you know about fusible so that't what I used to fuse the design to the Onise.
  My machine sits flush in the table so I had to raise it up and expose the free arm. 
 I put the free arm through the neck of the Onsie so I was only sewing on one layer. 
 I used Auriful thread as it is nice and fine, to do the outlining. 
 I put my applique foot on, dropped the feed dogs and used some Grabaroos gloves.  
Those gloves worked so well. 
 I didn't use them on the first ones but once I remembered to use them it made things so much easier! 
 I basically did free motion stitching around the designs. 
 I went around each design twice (except the jelly fish's legs). 
 If you have specific questions please email me and I can elaborate.

I am hoping to work on a quilt today.
  I feel like it's been so long!  
Enjoy your day!!




These are so sweet..

mermet said...

Love that whale - he has an understanding, 'whoops' type of smile. It's a big, courageous task going through a lifetime of memories.

roccagal said...

they are all pretty darn adorable and this was a fabulous idea!
It demonstrated SuperPam's generosity and creativity TO THE MAX!
Glad things are falling into place for you re your dad (albeit slowly)
hugs S

Brenda said...

These are so stinking cute! I have two projects wanted to get done before new grandson makes his appearance....ha, he is due by the end of this week. I have the charm squares for one of your baby blanket patterns. This will be the third on I have made and a crochet project. I am thinking I will crochet first because the blanket will fit him for quite a while. Glad you are enjoying your days again with less stress. said...

The onesies turned out sew cute. Glad things are starting to settle down a bit. I am sure it is a relief. Make sure to take time for yourself too!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Your stitching is so cute and sweet. Glad your Daddy is close.

margaret said...

such a cute set of characters. Dad is settling in his new home and must be delighted that he sees you every day and how nice for you to have him so near at last.

Michele said...

They all are so adorable and I'm really glad that having your dad close now will ease a lot of your stress.

Diane N said...

Those turned out so cute!

Anonymous said...

HI Pamela, I'm the lucky recipient of your Rainbow Gum Tree block for the Quiltmaker's 100 Block giveaway! I love your block and the fabrics you used. I also like the fact that you signed your block. Your block is gorgeous!
Thanks. Sandi

Nancy said...

Hi Pamela,
Thank you so much for your prompt response and advice for the chenille blanket. I have edited my profile to include my email address. I love your blog and can't wait to try your other projects to include the cute onesies.Nancy

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