Wednesday, May 07, 2014

An Interesting Way To Use Your Fabric Strings

I ran across this cool You Tube video about how to make fabric twine. 
 It uses your 1" or less fabric strings to twist into twine.  
I think this would be perfect for wrapping up gifts.  
How cool would it look holding up tomato plants or such in your garden?  
I bet you can figure out some amazing things to use it for.  
I will be saving my strings from now on to twist into twine.  
How about you??

Have a happy Hump Day and enjoy the video!



Dolores said...

I have been using selvages to stake my tomato plants and others that have a tendency to flop over. I figure it's kinder on the plants than other things.

sophie said...

I used to use selvages in the garden, but now I save them to sew into selvage projects. I like this idea of making twisted twine ... but I wonder if my two kitties would leave it alone if I were trying to make some?

Jodi said...

What a cool idea! I love it and will be trying it next time I sit down to watch a movie!

beaquilter said...

interesting but then I'd rather braid it, I often make the coiled baskets with scrap fabrics.

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