Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend

I hope everyone that celebrates Mother's Day had a wonderful day! 
 I had a fantastic weekend with my family.  
They only one missing was my daughter in NC.  
On Saturday morning I went with my daughter and her boyfriend to a local nursery 
to pick up the plants for "our" garden.

I spent all afternoon weeding this stretch of the garden. 
 See my "helper" Gzimo, at the other end?
Doesn't everyone need a "helper" peacock?

He would get up on my seat when I got up to go get something to drink or stretch my back.

I also had a helper turkey, Jocelyn.
She was hatched from an egg when DD still lived at my house!
She kept begging for dandelion heads, silly turkey!!!

Hubby was working on the peacock pen

After many hours working in the hot sun, we stopped and went home to shower.  
On the way back we picked up my dad and brought him back to my daughter's house for a bonfire.

We roasted hot dogs for dinner and he just hung out by the fire with us.  
He got a little chilly so I found this quilt for him.  It's one I made a LONG time ago. 
 I still really like it though.

 Gizmo even had his own chair by the fire.

On Sunday the weeding continued.  
DD found this amazingly huge beetle!

I had to wear this hat so I wouldn't end up sunburned!  

I was the designated planter.  
I planted so many tomato and pepper plants. 
 Also lots of lettuce.  
Gizmo thought I had planted all these things for him!

Helping is thirsty work. 
 The water by the rubarb plant looked good to him!

 Hubby was roofing the pen on Sunday 

Then he took a break with Abbey and Gizmo

I finally got all the plants in for the day.

We ordered pizza and my son came over to join us for dinner.  It was a great way to spend the weekend!  I didn't do any sewing but I am looking forward to the fruits of my labor come later this summer!!



beaquilter said...

looks great! weren't you planning a trip to NC this month?

dianne said...

you certainly had better weather that we did for Mother's Day weekend - rain and snow and hard freezes three nights in a row - good thing i didn't get too ambitious and plant the tomatoes when it was in the 80's on friday - ha ha ha!!!

so - is that YOUR garden, or do you just get to pull the weeds and plant the plants?!? it seems that i remember you trying square-foot gardening a year or so ago - how did that work for you? i tried it a couple of times, but i am too messy to keep everything contained...

Mary Ann said...

How fun to have your own peacock!!

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