Thursday, May 01, 2014

AAMQG Meeting And Pin Cushion Swap

We had our monthly meeting last night and our pin cushion swap. 

 If you remember I made a circle of geese as my swap pin cushion.

I loved this so much that I am making another one to keep for myself!

Then you all saw the bra block that I made for my friend at the DAMQG in my last post. 
 I decided to see if I could make a teeny, tiny one into a pin cushion for her.  

I think it came out pretty cute too. 
 It took me about 2 hours from start to finish.  
Not too bad!

We did our pin cushion Yankee swap style so there was stealing! 

There were so many beautiful ones it was difficult not to want them all!!

Of course the "Marie" cat one was my absolute favorite.  
You all know how nuts I am about my cats!

We have five of our own!!  
That mouse was pretty darned cute as well!

My friend Vicky made this amazing doggie one. 

 If you remember, she made me a similar one but with a little cat figurine on top of it.

Apparently I was not the only one that thought "Marie" was stunning.
  She was stolen 2 times before it was my turn.  
If I stole her she would stay with me as 3 steals are all that were allowed. 
 She was with another avid cat lover but I just could not resist her!!  
(Sorry Emily) 
 So now Marie (made by Marie) is now living with me!!!

Seriously could she be any cuter???

This is one super talented group of women. 
 I am so happy to be a part of all this positive, creative energy!!!

When I got home I was babbling on and on to hubby about her.  
He has been gone most of the week and he was like "whatever" but I felt like I won gold!!

Of course you know it was not long before the "inspector" was over to check her out.

 "It's ok, mom.  She can stay."  
Thanks for the approval Aiden!

I so look forward to these monthly meetings!  
I also got to talk with my friend Kathy that is long arming my next Color Inspirations Quilt.  
Can't wait to see it! 
 I actually gave some suggestions for the quilting on this and she totally expanded on them.  
It should be incredible!!

How was your night?



Lisa said...

That is the cutest pin cushion ever!!

beaquilter said...

these are fabulous... you should join my pin cushion swap next time?

M.W. said...

Sounds like such fun. I just love the one you made with the flying geese. I would have definitely been after that one all night. Sounds like a fun and very talented group. Thanks for sharing. Someday I would love to join this group.

Mama Spark said...

MW-Thank you! It was the last package chosen so only the person with the first number could have stolen it and she already had the one with the dog. A good friend wound up with it though and I was happy about that!

c said...

Your cat looks like it has its feelings hurt, MOM you brought another cat in here! Love it though

margaret said...

what a lovely time you had and such a variety of pin cushions, love the bra one but trust you will not be sticking pins into Marie

Lisa D. said...

You absolutely got the cutest pincushion, although your bra and circle of geese were awesome, too.

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