Friday, October 23, 2015

Finish It Up Friday

I have a little project I thought I would share with you. 
 First a little background.  
To the right of my sewing machine on my table is a very small space that seems to become very cluttered. 
 It seems like I am always bumping things off of this area. 
 Oh sure, I've put some things there that I thought would help, but I always end up piling 
more and more there.  
You can kind of see what I mean behind the light and to the right of my machine.

Not too long ago I happened to be in Hobby Lobby and saw this.  
The light went on. Perfect storage for that area! 
 I could "build up", have twice as much storage in the same little area and 
still have some usable space under it if I needed it. 
 But that color, UGH.  

A little bit of Aqua spray paint later and voila!  
My new sewing caddy is all set to be loaded up and put in my space! 
 It sure did de-clutter that space and it's pretty to look at while I sew too.  

What neat sewing space saving tips have you done? 
 I'm always looking for new ideas to keep my space a little more organized.
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On a side note, thank you all for your kind words about Mosen. 
 I really miss him but am glad he is not suffering any longer.



dianne said...

isn't it amazing what a little bit of aqua/teal/turquoise paint can do?!? i just might have to make a little trip to Hobby Lobby - but if i get one, i'll paint it purple so we can be twins, but not IDENTICAL twins - and while i'm at Hobby Lobby, i'll have to stop at Kneaders for a sammich, too ...... now SEE WHAT YOU'VE DONE?!? you are ALWAYS getting me into trouble, little mama!!!

Ioleen said...

What a great way to tidy up. Love this and will have to look around to see what I can find. Thanks.

Karen @runsewfun said...

A cheerful and helpful addition to your sewing room.
Glad you are finding some peace in your sadness. said...

Wow that turned out very cute. I can so relate to having too much crap to the side of my machine. I keep putting stuff there until it all falls off then I am cursing.

Margaret said...

Now that's cute as a button! Good thinking.

Anonymous said...

Very creative use. And Very pretty too :)

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